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car mod

  1. G

    Physics Change a car Mod‘s aero drag

    I am making an “upgrade” to a car. It’s a low-power car, so it’s sensitive to aero drag and weight. One of the changes is removing the glass windscreen (road use) and replacing it with a small wind deflector. This saves weight but more importantly lowers the car’s frontal area and aero drag...
  2. Die besten GT3 Mods | #01 Acura NSX GT3 | Assetto Corsa

    Die besten GT3 Mods | #01 Acura NSX GT3 | Assetto Corsa

    Was sind die besten GT3-Mods auf dem Markt für Assetto Corsa? Lasst es uns herausfinden in unserer neuen Serie! Den Anfang macht der Acura NSX GT3, der sich gar nicht so schlecht geschlagen hat. ►Zur MOD: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eKQKkrRBrzSAft3YvFYFoq16gYvl4hld?usp=sharing
  3. Toni Martin

    Cars TM Formula Royale 1999

    Hello guys of RD! I'm here since May 2018, but it wasn't until today that I created my first thread here at RD. :) So this project started back on early 2019, but I haven't got any time to work in Blender. Bad news is that I lost all my modeling files, but luckily this project it was not even...