1. 67JTM

    Pessio Garage Carpi #55 V1.5

    Finally, another Skin for Pessios wonderful Carpi! Since Pictures of that particular Car are a bit scarce, the Skin provided here is kind of a Mixture how it looked in 1975 during the DRM (Deutsche Rennsport- Meisterschaft) and how it looks today, in it's restorated Form. Thanks @Stereo for the...
  2. 67JTM

    Pessio Garage Carpi Skin #31 V1.2

    Based on the Original Blue/white Pattern by Pessio Garage . With real Logos to represent the Car that was driven to a victory at the DRM Race at the Norisring by Jochen Mass in 1975 .
  3. M

    Ford Capri Group5 - Zakspeed Jägermeister (+Drahu74 Edition) 2.0

    J +++Drahu74 Edition+++
  4. Zakspeed Capri @ Spa, AC DRM mod

    Zakspeed Capri @ Spa, AC DRM mod

    Quick blast around Spa in the Wurth-liveried Zakspeed Capri!
  5. Harry Eichler

    Ford Capri Team Würth-Kraus-Zakspeed Skin Pack DRM Revival (Marod Aero) 1.0

    This skin pack has 2 skins of the Ford Capri Team Würth-Kraus-Zakspeed. Klaus Ludwig is probobly the most well known driver to have driven this car. This car is powered by a 1.5L Straight 4 turbo that produces 495 hp. Installation Instructions: Drop the content folder into your Assetto Corsa folder