1. P_Cote

    Le Circuit Mt-Tremblant 1969 (St-Jovite) 1.1.1

    Built in 1964 starting with the "North Loop" to host Montreal's Driving Clubs, Le Circuit Mt-Tremblant (Canada) was extend to the full "GP" layout in 1965. The track was a huge success in 60’s and nearly every big series made a stop there, including F1 in 1968 and 1970. The CanAm and TransAm...
  2. bumblebeetuna

    1973 Can-Am Mclaren M8C skin pack 1.1

    Here are some skins for the AC Legends Mclaren M8C (which can be found on the f1classic.forumotion website) to complement the 917/30 for the 1973 Can-Am season - Photos were extremely rare and tough to find and some stickers may be missing and also the bodywork on the right side skirt deforms...