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  1. M

    RSS Formula 2 V8 - Campos Racing 2017 livery 0.8

    The full grid of 2017 F2 cars is now complete!
  2. Xurda

    Renault Campos Racing for My Team 1

    Renault Campos Racing Welcome to another mod, a Campos Racing custom livery for My Team on F1 2020. First of all I want to give credits to jp0622 for the base livery. One of the new and main sponsors of the spanish team is Kimoa, a brand whose owner is Fernando Alonso. That's why I included a...
  3. S

    RSS F3 Campos Racing #31 1

    Little try to replicate the #31 Campos Racing Formula 3 car that is driven by Sophia Flörsch. The skin might have potential to get better so type it as a feedback in the comments if you have some ideas. Youre not allowed to publish that skin anywhere else without Permission Youre not allowed...
  4. Xurda

    Campos Racing Logo for MyTeam 1.0

    This logo replaces the mountain emblem. Set the emblem colours to red and green in order to have the logo shown properly ingame INSTALLATION: Copy and Paste
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    F3 Racer Alex Peroni Escapes Huge Monza Shunt Unharmed

    In something of a miracle, Australian F3 racer Alex Peroni has avoided serious injury following an horrific looking crash during the F1 supporting Formula 3 Feature Race in Monza. Peroni, 19, drives for the Campos Racing Formula 3 team in the Formula One feeder series this season, and currently...