1. GreenMachine13

    ACL #54 Martin Shook '68 Camaro (1972 TA) 1.0

    Shook-Bruehler Racing entered select Trans-Am races in 1971 and 1972 with Martin Shook driving. This is the car as it appeared in 1972. Shook usually finished in the 20's somewhere, but in 1972 he finished 8th at Watkins Glen. This should be the last Camaro for a bit. I've managed to get many...
  2. GreenMachine13

    ACL #20 Carl Shafer '68 Camaro (1972 TA) 1.0

    Here is the orange Camaro that Carl Shafer drove in the 1972 Trans-Am season. His best finish was 4th at Sanair. Enjoy!
  3. GreenMachine13

    ACL #47 Gene Harrington '68 Camaro (1972 TA) 1.0

    Here's an obscure one: Gene Harrington drove this bright green Camaro in the 1972 Trans-Am season. His best finish was 4th at Road America. There is only one photo I could find of this car, and it doesn't show much. So I had to take a couple liberties regarding number font and style. Enjoy!
  4. GreenMachine13

    ACL #15 Jocko Maggiacomo '68 Camaro (1972 Sanair TA) 1.0

    Here is Jocko Maggiacomo's Camaro that ran at Sanair in 1972. Jocko would start more Trans-Am races in '73, but Sanair was his only start in '72. He finished 18th after the car overheated. Enjoy!
  5. GreenMachine13

    ACL #39 Robert Barg '68 Camaro (1971/72 TA) 1.0

    Here is Robert Barg's yellow #39 Camaro that ran in the 1971 and 1972 Trans-Am seasons. I could write a blurb here about his career, but instead I'm linking an interview with Barg posted on Camaros dot org. He gives great insight to how it was like to be a privateer racing against the "big...
  6. GreenMachine13

    ACL #22 Paul Nichter 1968 Camaro (1971/72 TA) 1.0

    Here is another Nichter Associates Camaro, this one is from the 1971/72 Trans-Am series. Paul Nichter finished in the top 10 fairly often with this machine, scoring a best finish of 3rd at Sanair in 1972. Enjoy!
  7. GreenMachine13

    ACL #8 Tom Ciccone '68 Camaro (1971 Bryar) 1.0

    Here is the Camaro Tom Ciccone drove at Lime Rock and Bryar in the 1971 Trans-Am season. I could only find one image of this car; the car was mid-spin at Bryar. He finished 13th at Lime Rock, but a DNF sealed the fate of this Camaro. Ciccone would return to Trans-Am in 1974, driving a Ford...
  8. GreenMachine13

    ACL #2 John Ware Jr '68 Camaro (1971 Riverside) 1.0

    For 1971 the Ware family decided to paint their Camaro pumpkin orange. The number changed to #2 for the 1971 Trans-Am race at Riverside. John Ware Jr piloted this machine to a 12th place finish. Enjoy!
  9. GreenMachine13

    ACL #96 Warren Fairbanks '68 Camaro (1970/71 TA) 1.0

    Warren Fairbanks entered this Camaro in select Trans-Am events in the early 70's. He scored a best finish of 8th at Donnybrooke in 1970. I could not find a photo where the small text in front of the number is legible, so unfortunately it is absent here. Enjoy! More paint schemes are to come.
  10. GreenMachine13

    ACL #22 Paul Nichter '68 Camaro (1970 TA) 1.0

    After 1969, Rusty Jowett sold his Camaro to Paul Nichter, who campaigned it in the 1970 Trans-Am season. The car was unique in its very odd number placement, with the #22 being set very close to the rear wheels. Nichter found success early in the season, with a 5th at Lime Rock and 8th at...
  11. GreenMachine13

    ACL #97 Paul Jett '68 Camaro (1970 TA) 1.0

    Here's Paul Jett's #97 as it appeared during the 1970 Trans-Am season. He also ran this car in the 1971 season, but I'm unsure if it had the same paint scheme as this one. 1970 was not a good year for Jett. He only finished one Trans-Am race: a 17th at Watkins Glen after spinning out mid-race...
  12. GreenMachine13

    ACL #25 John Ware Jr. '68 Camaro (1970 Riverside) 1.0

    Here is the Ware & Sons Racing Camaro from the 1970 Trans-Am race at Riverside. The car finished 15th, I think it was John Ware Jr. behind the wheel. Enjoy!
  13. GreenMachine13

    ACL #85 Dick Lang 1968 Camaro (1969 TA Season) 1.0

    Here is the #85 Dick Lang drove in Trans-Am events in the 1969 season. His best finish was a 5th place at Michigan. Enjoy!
  14. GreenMachine13

    ACL #92 Rusty Jowett '68 Camaro (1969 TA) 1.0

    Here is the #92 driven by Rusty Jowett in the 1969 Trans-Am season. Jowett had a very successful 1969 campaign, scoring many top 10s and a best of 3rd at Watkins Glen. Enjoy!
  15. GreenMachine13

    ACL #11 Larry Bock '68 Camaro (1969 TA) 1.0

    Here is the #11 Laural Racing Camaro as driven by Larry Bock in the 1969 Trans-Am season. This car has many pictures of it from the 1969 Michigan race (wish we had Michigan for AC), but I could not find a single color picture of the car. If this car ends up being incorrect, please let me know...
  16. GreenMachine13

    ACL #23 Duane Winkel '68 Camaro (1971/72 TA) 1.0

    Here is the W&W Racing Enterprises entry from select Trans-Am races in 1971 and 1972. Driven by Duane Winkel, this car scored a best finish of 15th at Mid-Ohio in 1971. Reliability issues sidelined this car more often than not. Enjoy!
  17. GreenMachine13

    ACL #86 Dick Brown '70 Camaro (1972 TA) 1.0

    Here is the Sunoco Camaro as driven by Dick Brown in 1972 Trans-Am. His best finish was 5th at Road America. Enjoy!
  18. GreenMachine13

    ACL #78 and #89 Alfie Ruys DePerez '70 Camaro 2-Pack (1971/72 TA) 1.0

    Here are the cars that Alfie Ruys DePerez drove in the 1971 and 1972 Trans-Am seasons. His best finish in 1971 was 5th at Edmonton, and in 1972 he scored 8th place at both Bryar and Road America. This is a simple number swap of a paint scheme that came with the ACL TA mod. This is accurate as...
  19. GreenMachine13

    ACL #93 Dick Brown '70 Camaro (1971 TA) 1.1

    This is the #93 that Dick Brown ran in the 1971 Trans-Am season. Famously, Mark Donahue said this car was the most beautiful he had even seen. Unfortunately, beauty could not save this car from DNFs at both races it entered in 1971. This car's gray bits were metallic IRL, but unfortunately I...
  20. GreenMachine13

    ACL #11 Hiroshi Fushida '70 Camaro (1971 TA) 1.0

    Here is the #11 Laural Racing Camaro as it appeared in the 1971 Trans-Am season. Fushida was the first Japanese driver to compete in the Trans-Am series, making 2 starts for Laural Racing in 1971. He qualified 14th in his first start at Bryar, but an overheating car ended his day. In his 2nd...