1. OldRebel

    C7 Corvette Z06 Grand Sport 0.8

    This is a data replacement for the Kunos C7 Corvette Stingray that creates a new rocket for your stable. Your stock C7 Stingray will remain unchanged. This is an additional car. It has a 750bhp race engine and transmission from a C6 Z06. Therefore it now has a six speed instead of the original...
  2. Evander Colasimone

    #354 Massdrop For Corvette C7R 2019-01-24

    How to install >assetto corsa directory>content>cars>ks_chevorlet_c7r>skins and extract into folder. Characteristics. 1.white. 2. Has massdrop logo on all sides of the car. if you liked this skin please rate and like!