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  1. R

    Sell SFX-100 shield and Arduino Leonardo

    PHOTOS ADDED I was fortunate to purchase one of the second U.S. group buy batches of custom shields released by RD member Pyronius for the popular DIY SFX-100 motion system. Unfortunately, I do not see myself pursuing this project in the near future as I am going the tactile route for immersion...
  2. renevds

    TH8A DIM to USB adapter

    Hye guys, I had bought a used TH8A an it arrived today, hyped me opens it up only to find no sequential plate and no USB adapter (might cry). Anyway I was wondering if any of you is willing to sell me an adapter (Belgium) or know where I can get one for decent price. I could also solder one...
  3. J

    WTB: TS-PC Formula Rim.

    Just like the title says, looking to buy just the rim that comes with the TS-PC racer. Can't justify buying the whole thing while my T300 still works. If you have one and would like to sell let me know.
  4. S

    Bought items despawn when logged off

    Hi. I buy items, Put them in the house. I save and quit come back in a few hours and then all of my items spawn back to the shop The picture below is my mods folder vv