button boxes

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Button Boxes | Useful Or An Unnecessary Indulgence?

    Sim hardware comes in all different shapes and sizes, and nowadays, we have ever more diverse ways to add functionality to a rig... does this spell the end of traditional button boxes in sim racing? A lot of our community here at RaceDepartment probably rock a button box or two on their sim...
  2. Biro

    Sell DSD Button Dashboards for Fanatec DD1 & DD2

    SOLD Used for 3 months. Not much wear signs. Only glued the 2 "sponsor" patches on it but should be removed with no damage if you don't like them. Comes with usb cables. Selling both left and right panel as seen on images. £220
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    RD Review | SimLab Owner? Check Out The Apex Sim Racing SimLab P1 Dash Pods

    We recently got our hands on the little Apex Sim Racing SimLab P1 Dash Pod button box, and let me tell you, if you own a SimLab cockpit, you really need to check these out. If you've ever wondered what the holes on either side of your SimLab dashboard mount are for, or how you could fill them...