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  1. M

    Searching for someone to create me 2 Tracks

    Hey there, I’m looking for someone who can make me 2 Tracks for AC with RTB or something, I can give you the coordinates, Maps Screenshots and Information about the Tracks. I would do it myself but I can’t make a Google Cloud ACC because I don’t have a credit card. If you’re willing to do it...
  2. AaronF80

    SFX-100 Build: AaronF80

    I am starting down the road of building out my sim rig, and have closely followed the SFX mega-thread here in preparation. There have been several suggestions at a complete build thread start to finish from other readers, and as I needed a place to keep things organized as I go, I am going to...
  3. B

    Speed build save - Stock 2019-03-16

    To preface, this save is unlike most, in that the Satsuma is NOT built for you. This is a save designed to make building the Satsuma as efficient as possible. No grocery runs, no waiting for part shipments, just load up and build. This is the stock version, meaning only stock parts are provided...
  4. K

    Abandoned Satsuma Save 1.3

    The satsuma belong to a rich family, they were keeping good care of it, but after 2 years after purchase the family bankrupted. Your grandmother told you about the abandoned house near the repair shop and an old car left to rot. You bought the vehicle in a salvage car auction for 6000 marks...
  5. F

    2 DOF Sim Racing Rig

    Hi all, I am new to the world of sim racing, but have been a fan of F1 for a while now. I've finally decided it's time to design/build a sim racing rig and I am looking for some clarification regarding rigs with 2 degrees of freedom. I have seen some setups with stationary screens and some...
  6. clos2727

    DIY complete guide to building a wood rig

    I built this about a month ago and thought I'd share me design. It's a complete walkthrough, and step by step tutorial to get you rig going with less tha $200. You can see pics of the rig here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2197928810438208&id=1449896668574763