1. DRL Vici

    ACC - Crazy videos

    Have you seen this videos? Acc is amazing but every simulator has some bugs ;) https://assettocorsacompetizione.blogspot.com/2021/05/the-craziest-videos-of-assetto-corsa.html
  2. arkloh

    Bentley Bugs Bunny 1.0

  3. I

    New Game Bug? No problem 1.1

    Clicking "New Game" in My Summer Car causes crashes for some players. This is a fix to that. This is a brand new save game that you can just drop in the save folder and click continue. The default name is "Jimmy Coe" but you can change that by editing these values in the editor...
  4. Dobermann92

    PC2 Weirdest bug I've ever had

    So I was racing with AI on Indy 500 with vintage indycars (full 32 driver grid). It was a 20 lap race. After finishing the race I wanted to watch the replay. There were 5 retirements and 1 DQ during the race. In the first 30 seconds of the replay there were no AI cars. I've experienced this bug...
  5. PeregrinO

    F1 2018 Mipmaps not found!

    Hi guys, im having a issue with Ergo ERP. When i import a helmet texture, he send me the pop up to select the mipmaps, like in f1 2017, i select and check if its correct, when i click to continue, my texture is imported with 128x128 res, (import it in 4k). And i dont know what to do anymore...
  6. Maverick_Man

    F1 2013 Flashback Bugs

    Hi all, I know maybe this has been discussed, but I just wanted to know whether there is fix regarding this bug. I recently olayep F1 2013 career mode. I raced in Monaco for full distance (78 laps). I used some flashbacks then Everytime I used it, there is AI car retired. Odd enough, I Finished...
  7. A

    Starter not engaging

    Ok so I recently found out that you could mod and changing up textures in my summer car (yes I know I'm a noob). I installed a couple, (ute mod, new house and enable the apartments). I also changed the color of the gauge needles as well as the gauge cluster itself, halo headlights and a couple...