1. MajkiMajk

    Porsche 962C LH Brun Camel Le Mans 1988 1.0

    Hi, Another sweet classic to collection :), hope u like it.
  2. Davide Nativo

    Best of Simracing Mods: “Donington Park” for Assetto Corsa

    When every detail counts. Sometimes it is hard to put your finger on why, specifically, you really like or even love something (or someone). This is what happened to me with Donington Park. The first time I drove around this track in a sim was with GTR2. I immediately felt something clicking...
  3. Daniel Gomez

    962c Brun Motorsport - Torno #2 - Silverstone 1000km 1987 - Larrauri / Sigala 1.0

    Many thanks to Sacha Brun. Without his help, I wouldn't get this level of detail on such a beatiful historic car. Soon will complete all other TORNO Brun cars for 1987 - Spa & Monza, #1 & #2, will release everything in a pack.. Take this as a spoiler. Note: some lines at the car could be...
  4. Daniel Gomez

    Porsche 962C Brun Motorsport - Takefuji - Fuji 1000 Km 1987 - Cars #1 & #2 - 4K 1.0

    Takefuji Brun 1987 Car #1 - Larrauri, Mass, Brun Car #2 - Pareja, Schäfer, Reuter Special thanks to Sacha Brun, without your resources, help and advice these cars would've been impossible to create.