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  1. Davide Nativo

    BRM is Back

    The manufacturer’s legendary V16 will sing again its melody. Almost 5 months ago, BRM sort of rose back from its ashes, like a tremendous, beautiful phoenix, announcing with the launch of a new stylish website the intention of building F1 cars again. Now, before you get some false hopes, they...
  2. Davide Nativo

    My First (Simracing) Car

    Where it all started for me... and where for you? I can still remember that moment very clearly. It was late summer, 2002, and my copy of Grand Prix Legends had just arrived at my local store. I waited two full weeks for it, something unconceivable today where everything is shipped even across...
  3. Amplified

    AmplifiedNL - BRM V16 1.5L Supercharged '52 Soundmod Rev #1

    BRM V16 1.5L Supercharged '52 - Revision #1 Made by AmplifiedNL - Jeroen van Iperen There we go, i finally got around to doing the one F1 car sound i love the most. The glorious brm v16. As of now i have finished the interior sound and also put it as placeholder in the exterior camera untill i...
  4. Michael Ford

    Team BRM 2017 Australian F4 #73 for RSS4 Mod 2017-10-20

    This skin recreates the Team BRM livery from the 2017 Australian F4 Championship for the Formula RSS 4 mod for Assetto Corsa from Race Sim Studio. It includes the skin of the Cameron Shields #73. This skin is compatible with Assetto Corsa v1.14.4 and requires the Formula RSS 4 mod v1.0 by Race...