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british petroleum

  1. transcanadalimited

    das hammer v1 - British Petroleum 2.0

    A good friend brought the quattro's often-forgotten first livery to my attention - the British Petroleum colours, from when the big Audis first raced at the tail end of Group 4 and, perhaps more importantly, Michele Mouton's debut at the Finnish Thousand Lakes Rally in 1981. But after doing...
  2. chili pepper

    Ford GT40 - "BP #3" Livery X.XX

    DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS FILE, GET THE UPDATED VERSION IN MY GT40 SKINPACK!!! Presenting "BP #3" livery for Assetto Corsa's GT40. I've been tooling around in the GT40 at Goodwood lately, inspired by videos of some Alan Mann Trophy races. I came across some photos of a similar car on the net...