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  1. apollosteamp

    Brightness Asseto Corsa

    My game updated today and my brightness change a lot. There's too much brightness on my game and the LEDs of the steering wheel (of some cars) are with too much brightness, much different than before the update. Someone can help me? ( I use CSP and Sol )
  2. JoshOz

    Brightness calibration

    Does anyone know if there is a function within Assetto Corsa to calibrate for brightness. I know you can manually make adjustments with pg up and down but that is not what I am referring to. The reason I ask this question is because I play games with my laptop connected to my TV and one game I...
  3. DeloreanDMC_88

    Improving Satsumi's HeadLamp Brightness

    Hello all MSC Members...i was wondering can someone please make a mod to improve the headlights on the satsumi like 6k HIDs...HIDs were a thing in the 1990's...and i feel tired when playing MSC with the Halogen Headlamps... IRL I Have 6k Led Lights in my Car and i feel much better...