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bmw jcw class

  1. smurth

    Pessio Mini JCW Challenge windshield replacement 1.0

    Adds reflections to interior windscreen and mades a bit more opaque when facing the sun. Suggested tweaks (car.ini) : [GRAPHICS] DRIVEREYES=-0.32191,1.07693,-0.331298 ONBOARD_EXPOSURE=13 OUTBOARD_EXPOSURE=29 ON_BOARD_PITCH_ANGLE=-1.174158 [CONTROLS] FFMULT=2.4
  2. Shaun Clarke

    BMW JCW Class Sounds V1.0

    Hi All, I have spoken to @Pessio and he has agreed, as I offered, for me to upload my BMW JCW Class sounds to be used with his car, if you want. I understand his personal reason for not wanting to include these in his mod release, nothing against me I will add. Unzip in the car's folder...