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  1. El Moustachos

    White Alpine 1.0

    a alternative livery of the alpine 2021, in white. Good game!
  2. ZaddeK

    Abarth Pista Blue & Yellow 0.9

    Abarth Pista 160hp blue & yellow paintjob.
  3. D

    La Regina Classic Blue 1.0

    A simple blue with racing strips livery for La Regina
  4. Mr.Gitsen

    New Blue GT Skin 0.2

    At the moment this is a Beta version of the mod, and if people like it, then I will add more new colors. So that, write your opinion. Description In addition to the standard blue GT skin, there is also an "alternative" version. All textures are of normal quality. Installation instructions You...
  5. Whalenap

    Vortex Compétition Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo 1.2

    This livery is a full personnal creation, for it does not aim to look like any existing design. The main idea was to display a real traditional french blue (close to Alpine blue, as a consequence) However, I did not totally start from scratch, as the scheme is an ACC basic livery for this...
  6. AnderW

    Fresh Built New Satsuma AMP 1.0

    Satsuma Inspected! -Registered car- Aftermarket Racing Flywheel - OWNED and INSTALLED! -makes shifting gears smoother - lighter- Ratchet set - OWNED in car boot! - better than "Spanner set" - Wide Steel Rims - OWNED and INSTALLED with Gommer Gobra tires! - Stock Rims but more DEEP lookin! -...
  7. RickJanB

    BMW performance F1 Team (Full Pack) 1.1

    Hello F1 fans, This is a full package of my BMW F1 Team (Only for My Team, using Ego ERP) It replaces the Racenet livery (for the helmet use the FOM helmet) Package is included with: - Car Decals (with honda and mercedes decal, more to be added) - Car Numbers (more to be added or ask me) -...
  8. Dashingdude

    My Team Random Livery 1.15

    A random My team livery with the main sponsor being Samsung!
  9. arkloh

    Ferrari 488 EVO Phalp 1.0

  10. macklorenzo

    Blue Shark Yamaha Helmet 1.0

    Shark Yamaha for custom rider : - Replaced Johann Zarco shark helmet texture - Menu UI image
  11. 86ayayay

    Jorge Lorenzo 'Blue Editon' Helmet 1.0

    Just a quick edit from my Lorenzo helmet mod from MotoGP20 What's inside : - Jorge's Portimao test helmet 'blue edition' replace Jorge winter test helmet - Menu ui image Installation : - Copy .pak file into your RIDE 4 paks folder ex : D:\Steam\steamapps\common\RIDE 4\ride4\Content\Paks - Enjoy
  12. Davathor

    Ferrari B-Team ( My Team ) V1.00

    I made this blue ferrai ! Thanks to MrTheRacer for the original livery https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ferrari-sf21.35388/ I hope you'll like her ! ERP installation Only
  13. arkloh

    Mercedes Lucky oldstone blue 1.0

  14. K

    McLaren 720S Phoenix v1.0

    I created a simple though elegant livery for the McLaren 720S, using a blue carbon base layer and adding gold highlights. Since I am using the carbon base layer, you can't change wheel colors and you would have to go into your image editing programm to change the racing number and change it...
  15. K

    2021 Renault Team Package 1.0

    Renault, after years in the motorsport, since the return in 2016, always produced bold and simple liveries. In 2021, it's different: in the French team's livery will return the historic blue, from the Alonso era. Will this help them to win? Probably not, but the car will look beautifully...
  16. JonnyS

    Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT3 Mahle Livery 1.0

    How to Install: 1. Go to \Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Customs\ 2. Copy the .JSON file and paste it in the folder "Cars" 3. Copy the folder "Uebermacht Racing AM V8" and paste it in the folder "Liveries" 4. Enjoy! I'd be happy for some feedback! See you on the racetrack! If you want...
  17. JonnyS

    Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 Mahle Livery 1.0

    I'm going to put this livery on all GT3 cars, since I got a lot of requests to put it on other cars than the Mercedes. So this is the first, more to come. How to Install: 1. Go to \Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Customs\ 2. Copy the .JSON file and paste it in the folder "Cars" 3. Copy...
  18. tizio303

    Lamborghini Huracan Polizia Stradale 1.0

    I have made this replica of the Lamborghini Huracan italian police car, I have changed the exterior, interior, rims and brakes so it matches the real one. I hope you like it and have fun using it and chasing bad guys! Please be sure to rate my work!
  19. LukeTheDuke

    RedBull GT Team - Porsche 991II GT3 R 1.1

    RedBull GT Team - Porsche 991II GT3 R
  20. arkloh

    Pack liveries for McLaren 720S 1.0

    Enjoy !