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black falcon

  1. XzweN

    Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo 2020 [Bilstein Livery] 1.0

    I made this livery originally for the 2015 Mercedes GT3, and when the EVO came out within DLC, I decided to make a version for it. Not nearly as good as the original, in my opinion, but it still looks quite nice, and I have had a few friends that have enjoyed driving with it. From what I know...
  2. Pzyko101

    Black Falcon EAE 2020 Livery V01.1

    And again: Here's the 2020 NLS Design for the Black Falcon AMG GT4 with EAE branding. Leave a like if you enjoy.
  3. Pzyko101

    Black Falcon Team Knuffi V01.1

    And another one for you! Here's the 2019 AMG GT4 Team Knuffi Livery by Black Falcon that ran in VLN on the Nürburgring. Hope you enjoy racing it!
  4. Pzyko101

    Black Falcon Team Identica 2018 / 2019 V01.1

    Hey there. Here's the next one! AMG GT4 Black Falcon Team Identica Season 2018 / 2019. Hope you like it.
  5. Pzyko101

    Skins Black Falcon 24H 2014 SLS GT3 Reissdorf

    Pzyko101 submitted a new resource: Black Falcon 24H 2014 SLS GT3 Reissdorf - Black Falcon 24H 2014 SLS GT3 Reissdorf Read more about this resource...
  6. Pzyko101

    Black Falcon 24H 2014 SLS GT3 Reissdorf V01.1

    Here we go again. Another one for today! The second placed Black Falcon SLS GT3 from the 24H Nürburgring 2014. Hope you like it!
  7. Pzyko101

    Black Falcon 2020 Cayman GT4 Livery Set V01.1

    Hey friends. Here's the next Black Falcon Design for you! The Cayman GT4 from the 2020 Season. You decide which layout you want to drive. You can go for NLS or 24H Sponsors. Both liveries are packed together. Hope you like it!
  8. Pzyko101

    Black Falcon PCCD Carlos Rivas #6 V02.01

    Hey Friends. Here is the 2020 Black Falcon PCCD Design #6 from Carlos Rivas Porsche GT3 Cup. Just needed to change the skintemplatekey to 99 to get rid of the race number on the hood. Hope you like it!
  9. Itzdatmancam

    #159 Black Falcon Team TMD Friction 0.1

    This car was driven by Alexander Kolb, Julius-Ferdinand Kolb, Vincent Kolb and Helmut Weber at the 2014 24 Hours of Nürburgring. It finished in 45th place 24 laps behind the leader. I figured there could be some more road cars/V6 Class cars on the grid
  10. Luca Badin

    #6 Team Black Falcon N24 2019 1.1

    This is the AutoArena-sponsored #6 Team Black Falcon car driven by Patrick Assenheimer, Nico Bastian, Yelmer Buurman and Gabriele Piana in the 2019 Nürbürgring 24h. The car retired on lap 138, two hours before the finish, after having started from P6 and having fought for victory at times. The...
  11. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa

    Black Falcon 2020 GTWC Eu 1.0

    This is reveal version mixed with windshield and numberplate from pre-season test, will be update when season start. if you like my work you can support me by this link This need AGU Modding extension all main data is 4K if you want make it smaller size feel free to do that. Another note...
  12. madotter

    Black Falcon Mercedes AMG GT3 2020 Nordschleife Edition 1.0

    Black Falcon Mercedes AMG GT3 2020 Nordschleife Edition ================================ I started out to just make the base livery for the 2020 AMG GT3 Mercedes but ended up finding some pictures of the Black Falcon edition and just carried on. The whole car livery is hand made by me with no...
  13. tatit

    2019 Team Black Falcon Spa 24H Art Car AMG GT3 1.2

    The skin is in version 1.2. Please go to Updates tab to see what has been changed. There are 3 skins included: #00 Goodsmile Racing & Type-Moon Racing #4 Mercedes-AMG Team BLACK FALCON #6 BLACK FALCON Details are like usual, you can check those images below. Please read the install.txt file...
  14. Baron3105

    Mercedes AMG GT3 Black Falcon TOTAL N24h 1.1.5

    Hey, today i have for you one (so far) of the 3 Nord24h Black Falcons 2019. Before you try the skin, make sure you already has a 2019 spec merc. You need this to skin work properly. Link to download is in the readme. If you like my work you can donate me ;) My biggest thanks to...
  15. Oscurr

    Can someone help finding this Logo !!?

    I've searched the entire internet and cant find this logo right here
  16. S

    2019 Bathurst12h CraftBamboo BlackFalcon #77 1.0

    This skin is Mercedes-AMG Team CraftBamboo BlackFalcon #77 of 2019 Bathurst 12h. Enjoy.
  17. gibsonhase

    Porsche 911 GT3 R [BLACK FALCON Team TMD Friction #57 | VLN 2018] 1.0

    The BLACK FALCON Team TMD Friction #57 Porsche 911 driven by Manuel Metzger, Aurel Schoeller and "Takis" in the 2018 VLN championship: This particular livery is based on the VLN #1 version of this car (I think they did some driver changes in the following events). NOTE: I know, the actual...
  18. gibsonhase

    Mercedes-AMG GT3 [Black Falcon #4 | Blancpain 24h Spa 2018] 1.0

    The #4 Black Falcon Mercedes AMG GT3 driven by Yelmer Buurman, Luca Stolz and Maro Engel at the Total 24 Hours of Spa 2018 (I know, I might be a bit late since MajkiMajk already created a beautiful version of this car...but hey, this one has fog lights ;)). Credits to Ryan_Lee for the fog...
  19. MajkiMajk

    Mercedes AMG GT3 Black Falcon #5 24h Spa 2018 1.0

    Hi, hope u like it.
  20. MajkiMajk

    Mercedes AMG GT3 Black Falcon #6 24h Spa 2018 1.0

    Hi, another 24h of Spa, hope u like it.