1. komeo

    Build 176 ferndale skin 1.0

    Ever wanted to drive the ferndale from 176? Well here it is! Thanks to particleicicle for giving me the exterior skin! To install it, i recommend Vehicle texture swap. For the best experience, use the hood scoop mod. Enjoy!
  2. P

    SimView v0.6

    Live leader-board and statistics Web App for Assetto Corsa Currently in very early stage and far from complete but under continuous development. Would be a valuable tool for communities/league of any size. It need to be setup by server admin on machine (Windows and Linux servers both...
  3. Automobilista 2 Beta 3 and Giveaway

    Automobilista 2 Beta 3 and Giveaway

    Hello and welcome to SRL. So should you be getting excited for Automobilista 2, and do you want a chance to win in our amazing giveaway ?
  4. Automobilista 2 Beta 1 first look FFB & triple screen settings plus giveaway

    Automobilista 2 Beta 1 first look FFB & triple screen settings plus giveaway

    SIM RACING EQUIPMENT: Fanatec Clubsport V2.5 wheelbase Fanatec Carbon Fibre F1 wheel rim Fanatec Porsche 918 RSR wheel rim Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals Fanate...
  5. Jensmsc

    MSC Stock Savegame 2018-07-27

    Hello there!;) When you are searching for a Stock Car Savegame for MSC, you came to the right place! I know how difficult it is, to find a Stock Savegame. Also it is for the newest Beta Branch #9 But now some facts :) You start at the House, the Satsuma is in the garage. It´s completely Stock...
  6. Flipdo3

    RSS Formula 79: Surtees TS20 (1978) 1.0

    I am back with another skin for the Formula 79, this time being the Surtees TS20 in Beta Tools colours, based on the British GP version of the car. This car was driven by Vittorio Brambilla (my driver of choice for this skin) for most of the season, but after injury in the Italian GP his place...
  7. V

    TachometerPositionV13.3.2017 2.0

    Its a beta test !
  8. Bzuco

    Islands no longer for Assetto Corsa

    Track info: -track is in beta stage, all roads are drivable, no AI, no cameras -it consist from: 2 islands, 6 lakes, 43+km roads(5-13m wide) which create multiple layouts, 1 main bridge, several small rock bridges, 1 tunnel Finished sectors: S1, S2, S3, S4, S13, S14. new map link * finished...
  9. Ad_Schneider

    Skins BETA MARCH 1975 (F312T)

    This is my first skin. I could not find that skin so i decided to create it for a SP championship. It is not accurate but i think it can work well.