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  1. wyrukas

    Bentley United Racers #1

  2. Dave Hope

    CMR Bentley 2021-08-20

    CMR Bentley from 2021 livery release. Some areas are slightly different as the this is on the older Bentley and it doesn't have the specific shape to make it look decent.
  3. ACC - Best Cars for each Track

    ACC - Best Cars for each Track

    Discovery which are the best / fastest car for each track on assetto corsa competizione and which is the fastest car of the gam...
  4. Steve Worrell

    Fanatec drops another real-world compatible wheel

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Article Fanatec drops another real-world compatible wheel. Please add to the discussion here.
  5. Fanatec drops another real-world compatible wheel

    Fanatec drops another real-world compatible wheel

    Fanatec have produced a brand new wheel compatible with their sim racing wheelbases and a real-world Bentley Continental GT3 Pikes Peak race car. It seems like there is something new coming out from Fanatec every other week at the moment, and that's no bad thing. Recently they have thrown the...
  6. PunishedArmsDealer

    Project Cars 2 PunishedArmsDealer Livery Bad Posture Racing Bentley GT3 1

    This is the livery I made and ran for Ground Zero Racing The livery features myself as a character. Here in the rear view you can see me being punched down upon by a bloke wearing a Sparco red racing glove while I play on a controller like the scrub I am. This is the side profile where I...
  7. B

    Roger Clark Motorsport + Fastr Pikes Peaks Bentley 2021-05-17

    The Livery for Rodger Clark Motorsport + Fastr team Bentley that is racing on the Pikes Peak Hills climb.
  8. Whalenap

    RTSH Pennzoil Bentley Continental GT3 1.0

    Good evening simracers, Tonight I share one of my favorite designs ever : yellow with black and small touches of british racing green. A kind of Pennzoil livery on a fictionnal british team. Some of you already know that you can follow me on instagram, facebook, and of course on my website...
  9. R

    Top Gear Hearsembulance Livery for Bentley 2018 1.0

    Recreation of the Hearsembulance/Ecnalubma from the episode 3 of Series 22 of Top Gear. Made for the 2018 Bentley, it goes fast and it makes you feel better. The livery is self installing, just drop the ACC folder into the one in your documents. As you would expect, it has been made properly...
  10. Noar

    Redbull Bentley V 1.1

    ACC Livery - 2018 Bentley Continental GT3 - Redbull - Red & Black The official livery of FlyingCxcks E-Driver #NT420 and work of Perne Media Design Studios IG: https://instagram.com/flyingcxcks?igshid=1gdxgrr9bewsh
  11. arkloh

    Bentley BakeMonogatari 1.0

  12. Psykoface

    Bentley Continental GT3 Lynxy 1.0

    Skin for a British streamer named Lynxy. Be sure to check out his channel Twitch.tv/lynxydsy
  13. MajkiMajk

    Bentley GT3 Absolute Racing Macau 2016 #10 1.0

    Hi, Absolute Racing Macau 2016 Driver: Adderly Fong
  14. alex21212121

    Team Lazarus Bentley GT Open 2020 1.0

    #26 car driven by Crestani and Mettler, #28 with Coletti and Varrone
  15. arkloh

    Bentley Bugs Bunny 1.0

  16. no1else515

    Bentley(2018) GT3 Absolut Christmas Livery 1.0

    Installation: Unzip the archive into your "C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione" folder

    Takata Sport Bentley Continental GT3 1.0

    Takata Sport Bentley Continental GT3 (fictional) by Skyline Design Install the file into this location: Assetto Corsa Competizione\Customs Be sure to check out Skyline Design on Facebook for more designs or follow my work on Instagram @designbyskyline If you would like me to make a skin for...
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2 | Ferrari GT3 Released and September Development Roadmap

    Studio 397 have posted their latest 'Development Roadmap' for the month of September followed closely by the release of the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020. Previews on Nordschleife PBR update. Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020 Released. The end of the month is almost here, and in a pleasant change the first...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2 | Free Bentley Continental GT3 Release + Substantial BOP Update

    Studio 397 have today released the 2020 Bentley Continental GT3 for rFactor 2 - and it's free to owners of the original 2017 GT3 car. Bentley Continental GT3 2020 release. Extensive BOP update for GT3 cars within the sim. New cars are always very much a welcome sight within our racing...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2 | 2020 Bentley Continental GT3 Arrives Wednesday

    Studio 397 have posted a new trailer for the upcoming 2020 Bentley Continental GT3 - heading to rFactor 2 as a free piece of content this coming Wednesday. 2020 Bentley Continental GT3 arrives Wednesday. Car will be free for owners of the original Continental GT3. rFactor 2 is set to...