1. andycolh

    Basshaker question, connection

    I got a behringer 1000 2channel amplifier connected to my rig. I use a basshaker gamer2 on the amp, audio out(aux) from my hdmi/monitor. I use simshakerwheels and have also simhub shakeitbass. Now i bought 2 new shakers with spec: Technical Data Power rating: 100W MAX, 50W RMS Impedance : 4...
  2. MartyK

    NEED HELP! - Tactile Transducer PS4 Settings

    I'm newish to SimRacing and have had a race seat setup for a while. I'm on PS4, and have just added two tactile transducers to the bottom of my playseat, but they're not working perfectly. I have them wired to a 2 channel amp Behringer iNuke 1000 with 1 transducer in each channel. When I start...
  3. DesKane

    DSP iNuke Behringer Amp & Sim Commander

    Hey folks just wanted share some findings from a major test day that myself and Mr Latte carried out recently on my Race Rig. WHY - I am a bit of a noob and needed help with refining this type of setup, as researching DSP amps, I have read on various forums that you can refine the Hz frequency...