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bedroom poster

  1. K

    My Summer Car Old GT Poster Mod final version

    installation folder: My Summer Car\Images.
  2. Chillwave6

    Hedgehog Doing Ok Sign Poster 2021-03-12

    This is a poster of the "hedgehog doing ok sign" that, if you download, just set poster1, poster2 or poster3 (depending where you want it in the room) This, being a poster, likely doesn't need to be updated.
  3. C

    1997 Subaru Impreza WRC Poster 2019-08-05

    I have made a 1997 WRC poster. It replaces the boring and outright random posters in the game for something that adds just a little immersion. *EDIT* After feedback I've updated the page so it says that its the '97 car not the '95 car. Its close enough to the 1995 car. I don't mind if this is...