1. Metalogic

    Sell Fanatec CSR Elite LC pedals, T300 base, TM Leather 28 GT Wheel, Wheelstand Pro + Basherboards CPX v2

    PRICES DROPPED (AGAIN)! Will also consider offers, especially if purchasing multiple items. I'm selling my complete sim racing setup, despite purchasing everything (except the Fanatec CSR Elite pedals) from new in 2016, it's in near mint condition, as has been barely used, due to personal...
  2. CCL71

    Basherboards CPX not working

    I have a CPX adapter that I use with my PS4 Pro. I haven't used it in a while now, as my job has kept me away from sim racing lately. Nevertheless, now the thing doesn't register my pedals correctly. Pressing on the gas, registers the clutch and the brake pedal will register the throttle...