1. Slendis


    What's up everyone! The purpose of this mod is to replace the default sponsorboards in F1 2019 and replace them with new, more realistic, high quality sponsorboards to increase the realism while you play! I will try to post every track as fast as I can, but it might take some time depending on...


    Back to Baku for another fascinating grand prix. After last race it's all to play for in the second round of the 2020 season!!! -----------------------------...
  3. rambokim

    F1 baku 2019 camtool replay 2019-10-27

    The replay need camtool2 File location:assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data
  4. N

    Baku City Circuit 2019-07-25

    I'm not the owner of this mod. I just did the conversion without changing the track itself. Baku City Circuit conversi on from GTR 2 / rFactor.
  5. Tortorpetrolhead

    Baku Track Guide 2018-05-07

    This updates the track guide for the Baku GP to the 2018 version. Sorry its not the best. I'm kinda bad at video editing. Put the file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2017\videos\track_map
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Mad Max or Rash Ricciardo? Have Your Say!

    Baku was full of action, accidents and excitement but perhaps the key talking point was "that" Red Bull crash on lap 39. Who do you think was to blame? Now let's be honest here, the Red Bull cars were asking for a coming together practically from the green light, so I suppose the eventual...
  7. Paul Ad

    Assetto Corsa * ACFL 2018 * Azerbaijan GP * 1:37:779 [hotlap + setup] 2018-04-29

    ACFL 2018 * Azerbaijan GP * 1:37:779 [hotlap + setup]
  8. Paul Ad

    Assetto Corsa * Formula Hybrid 2018 * Azerbaijan GP * 1:37:413 [hotlap + setup] 2018-04-29

    Formula Hybrid 2018 * Azerbaijan GP * 1:37:413 [hotlap + setup] For a fast lap I used the "balanced high" mode, in order to get the last full energy on the long straight in "overtake mode", because in hotlap mode the energy is not sufficient for a full round.
  9. VRTSmith

    2018 Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix

    Baku has always been a random event. It's thrown drivers onto the podium that we thought we'd never see there. With lap times getting faster there is always an increased risk of crashing (especially through castle.) What will happen this year? In theory, it could be anyone's race! So, who do...
  10. beetesjuice

    2018 Azerbaijan GP (RSS) - AI Race Package 1.0

    Big fan of running races along side the RL races and it just so happens to be F1 season. Had to skip out on running a Baku race last year as the AI was a mess and wouldnt leave the start line and had no idea how to fix it. With the help of Esotics Left/Right line helper app along with digging...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    Vettel / Ferrari Escape Further Punishment from Baku Incident

    Sebastien Vettel and his Ferrari team have escaped further punishment for the contact between the German driver and his Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton at the recent Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Having served a 10 second penalty for the incident under safety car conditions during the race itself, it...
  12. KeisariKine

    Jolyon Palmer "You have to be alert on a street track" MOD 1.0

    This mod replaces the F1 2016 logos on all street tracks with Jolyon Palmer and his famous quote. Read the README file before installing and MAKE BACKUPS BEFORE MODDING! Also check out my new YouTube video on an OP cars mod I have made (not publicly released)
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    FIA Investigation into Vettel / Hamilton Crash Opened

    Formula One governing body the FIA have launched a new probe into the accident between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel at the Baku Grand Prix, with the potential for further punishment looming over the World Championship leader. Reportedly the FIA had been unhappy with Vettel receiving a...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    Stroll Delighted with Debut Podium, Finally Proves Worth in Formula One?

    Lance Stroll impressed the Formula One fraternity once again in Baku this weekend, securing his second points finish in a row and bagging his first career podium to boot. Stroll capped a fantastic weekend with his first ever rostrum finish in Formula One to become just the second teenager...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    McLaren Struggles Continue in Baku

    After a disastrous qualification that saw both McLaren cars eliminated in Q1, Racing Director Eric Boullier labelled Baku the "most painful weekend" of his seven year association with the sport. The struggle for performance from the McLaren Honda partnership has been well documented across many...