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automobilista kart track

  1. Adrianovix

    Imperatriz Kart Track 2019-01-12

    Hi all. This is a real kart track located in Brazil. This version has 2 layouts. I created this track to rFactor, now I converted to Automobilista. AI's are very competitive, be prepared for lots of fun. :) Instalation: Unzip Imperatriz_Kart_Automobilista.zip inside your...
  2. Adrianovix

    Pato Branco Kart Track 2019-01-09

    Hi all, This is my first track conversion to Automobilista. I created this real kart track in past, to Rfactor, after I converted to GSC Extreme, and now to Automobilista. AI's are very competitive. More kart tracks coming...:) INSTALLATION: Unzip Pato_Branco folder inside your...