automobiilista 2

  1. Leorock

    GearUP F1 2002 Season Skin Pack 0.95

    Hello everyone! After a few months of dedication and work we are finally launching the skin pack F1 2002 Season for F-V10 Gen2. I hope you like it and have a lot of fun! Note: If you can help maintain this project I would appreciate it immensely. There is a paypal Donate below...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    AMS 2 | Update Delayed Until August 11th - New Silverstone Previews

    Reiza Studios have confirmed the upcoming new AMS 2 update has been pushed back a few days to August 11th, as work continues on bringing modern and historic layouts of Silverstone to the simulation. Updated delayed to 11/08/2020. Silverstone modern and various historic versions to be added as...