1. M

    Rallycross Antonio Vadillo 1.0

    Rallycross circuit, based on the configuration used for the 2022 Spanish national rallycross championship, at the Antonio Vadillo Autocross circuit, in Miranda de Ebro, Burgos, about 1200m long, mixed and pits for 18 cars

    Los Arcos RX v 3.0

    Circuito Autocross de Los Arcos, Navarra, España. Track creado desde 0 por Carlos Roger "CarlosNavarra" desde la dirección de AssettoCorsaEspaña para uso personal. un track creado gratuitamente para la comunidad. Si quieres colaborar económicamente, puedes...
  3. M

    Autocross Nova Paka 1.0

    Pista de tierra, basada en el circuito de Autocross de Nová Paka, en la República Checa, de un km de longitud y boxes para 12 coches
  4. M

    Circuito La Roca 1.0

    Mixed dirt and asphalt surface circuit, based on the La Roca Karting circuit, owned by the World Rally Championship driver, Dani Sordo. The circuit joins the karting track and the Rallycross track, to make a length of about two km and boxes for 16 cars
  5. M

    RallyCross de Calafat 1.0

    Circuito mixto, basado en el circuito de Rallycross de Calafat en Tarragona, España, de tierra y asfalto de unos 1400 mts que usa la ultima parte del circuito de velocidad y una parte anexa de tierra. Los boxes, la meta y el sentido de giro estan donde mas convenia
  6. GoYobYx

    Goyo Palace - Autocross Circuit 0.8

    ESP: Bienvenidos a mi primer circuito creado de tierra, Goyo Palace. Es un circuito ficticio situado entre montañas con mucha vegetación, ideal para coches no muy potentes con mucha gente. Espero que os guste! ENG: Welcome to my first dirt track, Goyo Palace. It is a fictional circuit located...
  7. Jayan

    Formula Student UK - Sprint & Endurance v1.1.1

    The official IMechE Formula Student UK 2020 Sprint and Endurance courses Thank you for downloading The track mod replicates the Formula Student UK course located at the Silverstone circuit. The cones are laid out along Copse corner and part of the national straight. The timing gates have been...
  8. SupremeTaco

    Putting Cones On A Track?

    Hello. I want to create small autocross style tracks in the Drift track on Assetto Corsa. I need to place cones on the track. Is this possible without paying for Race Track Builder or a similar program?
  9. T

    Parking lot Autocross

    Hi everyone! I am currently working on a project to model a 4 wheel drive electric Formula Student car. I am using rFactor/Automobilista as a basis. I am looking for a tool with which I can easily and quickly create new track layouts with cones on an open parking lot/airfield. The video below...
  10. Petr Dolezal

    24hour kart race + Crosskart during one weekend?

    I had to participate in two races during one weekend. Kartcross in Nová Paka (CZ) + 24 hour kart race in Prague (CZ) during the night. Everything went unexpectedly well and we survived! What do you think about this?
  11. Hompe

    Hoono Flygplats 0.91

    About Hoono Flygplats is a fictional combination of 2 swedish airfields that exist in real life, The track was originally planned to be a practise project for texture making but turned out to be pretty fun to drive so i decided to keep working on it and release it! New in 0.91! New Grass...