1. Piero Favretti

    Tactile Transducers (shaker) Setup

    Hello everyone I have 2 AuraSound AST-2B-4 Pro Bass Shakers I would like to use with an older Yamaha (RX-V595, 70 w/channel) receiver. The AuraSound will be mounted rear-right and rear-left, I will eventually add 2 more of these shakers front-right and front-left. I am looking for clear...
  2. MartyK

    NEED HELP! - Tactile Transducer PS4 Settings

    I'm newish to SimRacing and have had a race seat setup for a while. I'm on PS4, and have just added two tactile transducers to the bottom of my playseat, but they're not working perfectly. I have them wired to a 2 channel amp Behringer iNuke 1000 with 1 transducer in each channel. When I start...