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  1. H

    Lancia Stratos Gr.4 Real Sound Mod 1.0

    This sound, was created by real champions, the V6 Ferrari, which mounted the stratos Gr.4. The sound, is for the mod created by me, long ago, and that for various reasons, was eliminated from racedepartment, when I loaded it .... But for those who do not have it, you can easily find it on...
  2. S

    2018 BES Rowe Racing BMW M6 GT3 0.9

    This skin is Rowe Racing #98 #99 of 2018 Blancpain GT Series. Useing MOD : AGU-Modding BMW M6 GT3 Round2 Monza Round7 Total 24 hours of Spa 0.9
  3. Celtic Pharaoh

    US GT3 @ Imola - Fri 04May18

    This week the GT3s will roll onto Imola. Named in honour of Enzo Ferrari and his son Dino, Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari is one of the most iconic tracks in the world. This week the race will be 75 minutes with a Mandatory Pit Window between 15-60 minutes so if you haven't got ultimate pace...
  4. Black-Coffee

    nissan 240zg 1972_Fuji_Gran300mile 1.01

    nissan 240zg 1972_Fuji_Gran300mile Haruhito Yanagida #10 昭和珍走テイストなスキンを作ろうとしていたら 出来上がったのは・・・柳田春人No10 仕様のスキンだった。 と・・言う訳で途中まで作った(適当に仕上げた) 珍走風味スキンを「おまけ」で同梱してあります。 少々古めのMODですが自分で使いたいカースキンを作ってみました。 *** ベースとなるMODが別途必要です。 *** MODの導入は自己責任でお願い致します。 *** 詳細はReadMeにて確認し、必要に応じて導入してください。 @...
  5. jani012

    Alternate MCL33 Skin for Formula Hybrid 2018 0.1

    This is not a final version. I will update the skin soon but now this is what i have time for. Soon i will add Alonso and Vandoorne numbers to the cars. If you like it or not just give me reply and i will work to improve the skin. Thanks! :)
  6. matteo46GP

    Fictional Livery for Tatuus FA01 1.1

    Hi guys, this is my first livery that public online. I hope you like this livery, because it took me a while to create it from scratch. It will not be the best, but I can still improve a lot. (I'm 13)
  7. F

    rF2 Dx11 Iracing Hud - SImhub 1.2

    Made a better replica of Iracing hud, which i like very much. To use it, you have to manually start every widget in simhub and position how you want, then make it transparent. It's actually optimized for rF2, but could try in the future to make it for other sims also. The top right corner widget...
  8. A

    Car Modding in 2017?

    Hey, I have been looking around for a while and haven't found any decent and up-to-date tutorials for modding cars. Are there any tutorials y'all could recommend that still work? I have been trying to figure out how to mod a car for a while, but no luck. Importing .FBX files into KSEditor...
  9. R

    Settings Oculus Rift FPS

    Just bought the Oculus Rift and I love it. But I hate that you can´t see the brake lights. I downloaded a mod so I could run with PP filters on and also downloaded SDK tool for Oculus to be able to enable and disable ASW. I am now getting a constant 45 FPS, when disableing ASW it just stutters...
  10. ShenonGZ

    Jose Antonio L. Fombona - Huracan ST Skin 2017-11-26

    Jose Antonio López Fombona- Huracán ST Skin The skin still has some errors that I hope to solve soon.
  11. LionsTheBoss

    "Connection to lobby failed" Assetto Corsa Server Please Help!

    I tried to port forward on my Hitron router. After, after hitting "Start Server" and waiting, it says "RESPONSE: ERROR,INVALID SERVER,CHECK YOUR PORT FORWARDING SETTINGS CONNECTION TO LOBBY FAILED, ATTEMPT NUMBER 1". I did everything in the video. Please help! Video I used. Also, sorry if...
  12. Eider Tuning

    Circuito San Juan 0.2

    This Mod is based entirely on the real curved circuit and everything I hope you like my contribution: you do not have permission to modify any mod file without my consent and if you publish it on another site you should have the following linck Author: EiderTuning Youtubechannel...
  13. MarceloCastro

    MoTeC displaying wrong values

    So I've setup the ACTI telemetry interface, but it seems that MoTeC is displaying the wrong values. I've tested it with the Lotus T125 Exos S1 @ Mugello, but the ride height reading appears to be wrong. The floor is hitting the ground, but on MoTeC it shows that it still is around 30mm clear...
  14. A.Smiraglia

    Mazda Mx5 cup RD Contest Driver Academy 2017-02-08

  15. Blacknight1407

    Toyota Supra MKIV Tuned skin 1.0

  16. JuanManuelFangio

    Mercedes AMG GT3 0.9

    Hello! This is my first (but i think not last) skin, colors are specific but maybe somebody like it ;) Enjoy!
  17. garuda

    Ferrari 488 SPIDER 1.5

    In the past three months I have been the computer because I broke my elbow, so I focused on the realization of this mod. My knowledge were the base, for this I spent a lot of time trying to improve things that if done right from the start, I speeded up the work. I'm sure you will find many...
  18. Darius Ramoz

    SF15-T - Nissan Nismo 1.0

    Sorry for the lack of talent and some errors, this is my first one: Please report if there's something wrong