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  1. Breanuts

    Fina Team Bigazzi McLaren F1 GTR #24 & #25 BPR 2020-08-26

    Making another contribution into the pool of McLaren F1 skins on Race Department, and this time, it is the liveries of the #24 and #25 Fina Team Bigazzi semi-works team cars. These cars were entered in the 1996 BPR Silverstone 4 Hours as a shakedown before the 24 Hours of Le Mans the following...
  2. JavireTwo

    Photorealistic Filter Photorealistic Filter v5

    PHOTOREALISTIC FILTER This is a project I've been working on for some time now. It uses Sol and CSP to try to achieve realism in Assetto Corsa And if you're interested on donating. You don't have to, just share the filter and help other people. Let's try to make this place better for everyone...
  3. N

    Assetto Corsa extremely slow loading

    I just can't play, a small track with 10 cars takes about 10 minutes to load. I already reinstalled the game and put it on another HDD but it didn't work. Formatting windows is not an option, installing the game on the SSD is also not possible because there is not enough space.
  4. Dostaly

    RSS Formula America 2020 - Chip Ganassi Milka #11 Final

    NTT Indycar Series : Chip Ganassi - Milka #11 in 4K (Fictional of course, the inspiration came from #8 Huski Chocolate driven by Marcus Ericsson.) Don't hesitate to give me some feedback. Version included : - Road course - Oval course Content needed / recommended : - RSS Formula America...
  5. DTM1120

    Deep Forest Raceway Ver 1.1

    scratch track mod DeepForest Raceway Made by myself ・3DCG SCRATCH ・Partial assetto Corsa standard resource use ・I use some CSP FX Prohibition of diversion without permission, I would be glad if you say one word
  6. bobo83tutu

    netKar Namie: the origins of "KUNOS" Simulazioni and Assetto Corsa

  7. basthard300


    Finally I have completed my first version for the dash TCR, I hope you like them, and for every problem you do not exist to contact me. report any defect or omission. Some examples: Paul
  8. martynas555

    i was wondering if someone could help me out to change rims on a car

    i have this mod and i just want to change the rims on the car if anyone could do that would be much appreciated. since i cant do it myself
  9. DarXtreme

    VD CC Texture Mod: Vallelunga 0.9.1

    With this simple track skin, the Vallelunga Circuit will have a realistic tone with CSP and Sol. See the comparison: Before: After: Install the mod putting the folder inside the .rar file in the path assettocorsa\content\tracks\ks_vallelunga\skins . If you like this mod, please see my car...
  10. Assetto Corsa Camtool2 EASY TUTORIAL

    Assetto Corsa Camtool2 EASY TUTORIAL

    Assetto Corsa Camtool2 EASY TUTORIAL ============ Note: Camtool2: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/camtool-2.15062/ Camera preset: https://www.racede...
  11. DarXtreme

    AKR Simracing Audi TT Cup 1.0

    AKR Simracing presents the new livery for the Audi TT Cup, a race car made for close racing and exciting show. Inside the rar file you will find the skin, some screenshots for your desktop and a txt file with the install instructions. If you want to become a member of the team, you can check all...
  12. Carlos Jr

    Alfa Romeo 4C - Skinpack (now with 32 skins) 2.0

    First time making skins. Made for myself but I think is good enough for sharing with others that, like me, think this wonderful car deserves a more "racing look". Hope you like it. Enjoy!
  13. Enoneado

    Porsche 911 RSR 2017 Stinger (Fictional) 1.0

    I have inspired in a wasp to make this skin, enjoy and tell me about errors, i'm learning.
  14. monkeyfan250

    More Colors Pack [real colors] Nissan GTR-Nismo 1.0

    this pack includes Midnight Purple (based on the Modern take of it) Midnight Purple original( based on the Nissan GT-R34) Yellow (based on the Nissan GT-R34) Calsonic Blue (based on the Calsonic GT-R32) all the cars will work on the grid
  15. T

    Costum shaders patch issue

    [SOLVED] Hi guys, when i play with costum shaders patch 0.1.25 preview 140 (now recommended) the car has some glowing textures issue that makes the game unplayable.. i ve always used preview 49 and it works fine with it. Does anyone know how to fix this? thx.
  16. BloodySalmonMan

    Formula One style steering wheels

    Hi guys. I've been working on Formula One style steering wheel, ordered by my Spanish friend. Please have a look on the final product. Grips are Suede wrapped and it worked pretty nicely (at least a lot better than I expected). Some parts are 3D printed BUT they're all sanded and painted. I...
  17. dominicojoe

    Jay Howard Driver Development skin for RSS Formula 4 1.1

    Just a simple replicated formula 4 skin.
  18. | Jello |

    Irwindale FD 1

    Irwindale Speedway FD Layout Formula Drift 2016-2018 layout Whats new from irwindale_v4? 1: New textures 2: Added new 3d models 3: New wall colliders 4: Re-shaped the layout 5: Light .ini 6: 11 camera angles 7: 40 Pits (FAQ at the bottom of the page) Lights Lights Updated .ini is in...
  19. deem

    Deems Winter Trees (Trees only) 1.0

    Deems Winter Trees for Sol & WeatherFX. This mode enables you to use the wetherfx shaders seasons but have bare trees for winter. This does not include any other winter skins - trees only. With the exception of winter spectators and replaces Kunos ads with real ads in most instances. Trees are...
  20. SupremeTaco

    Putting Cones On A Track?

    Hello. I want to create small autocross style tracks in the Drift track on Assetto Corsa. I need to place cones on the track. Is this possible without paying for Race Track Builder or a similar program?