assetto corsa sound mod

  1. Muzammelo

    MZ - Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray Sound 0.1

    First, i'm sorry for my Mustang mod i created with other modders before, i'm new back in that day, and i don't even know the rules. I'm really sorry. This is my first attempt to make sound mods. It isn't perfect yet. If you can help me in the making of it, i would be really happy, and the whole...
  2. RacingPrototype32

    BMW M3 GT2 - | Enhanced Sound | 1.7s

    ...We are happy to announce another BMW M3 GT2 life... _____________________________________________________ With this mod, we used real HQ and remixed (by us) sounds of BMW M3 GTR and elaborated with FMOD Studio, the tracks are 44.1KHz. If you have problems with the installation or...