assetto corsa problem

  1. Olexon99

    What is this weird graphics problem in Assetto Corsa?

    Hi guys, I came back to the Assetto Corsa after a long break and found an unpleasant sight, jagged edges, fuzzy and not clear textures and worse reflections and shaders. In the video settings, I noticed that it changed by itself MSAA and Anisotropic Filtering, I change it but not much changed...
  2. S

    Missing sound files !?

    Recently (I am new to AC, hi everyone) I modded game by adding new cars like brabham super car and stuff like that yet Lexus LFA has no sound no matter which cam I am choosing, same that Brabham , Seat Cupra car and few others. Where is the problem? I saw few videos on YT where those cars have...