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#assetto corsa mods

  1. D

    Almoneye's Twin Tandems 1.0

    Track Release Video on Youtube: Almoneye's Twin Tandems: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HLiJthtesBRMOqUpBuGtwovsqNzJ9L89/view?usp=sharing Fun Tandem track designed by Almoneye's Gaming channel, you can find me on Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook. I also live stream and get some doors, come...
  2. Qudans98

    F1 V6 Modern Renault (Alpine A521) - Sound Mod 1.1

    Just my take on the Renault E-Tech 21 engine sound, my favourite sounding engine from this season. Feel free to write a comment about whatever thing that feels "not right" about the sound! Mod used: RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 Demo 1.1 here: Demo 1.0 here: p.s.: please share the link of this...
  3. GuzikGP

    Formula 3 Championship 2021 and 2020 1.0

    Hello there :) This is my project of F3 2020 and 2021 Championship 17 opponents, Race Format : Practice 20 min > Quali 15 min > Race 16 laps All you need is : CAR- Formula RSS 3 V6 (This car is free)...
  4. GuzikGP

    2020 DTM Championship URD 2018 1.3

    Hello its my first Career mode, hope you enjoy :) DTM 2020 Season: r1: Spa r2: Lausitzring r3: Lausitzring r4: Assen r5: Nurgburgring r6: Nurgburgring sprint r7: Zolder r8: Zolder r9: Hockenheimring Weekend format: Practice 25 min Qali 15 min Race 20 laps (Spa 15 laps) Update: I change career...
  5. MrGomezzz


    Hi Guys! I leave here my setups for ACC, this helps me a lot! it is a selection from the hottest laps that I found in several places on internet, this took me a while to do, so I hope it will help. Hola Gente! les dejo aquí mis set ups de Assetto Corsa Competizione, ésto me ayudo a mejorar...
  6. S

    Skins New to modding

    Hello, I want to make a 70s F1 championship with the 1975 F1 mod.But where do I change driver names ? And how can I copy cars without letting the game crash ? ( I want 4 Ferrari’s on the grid so I copied the Ferrari team but after I did that both Ferrari teams crashed when I tried to start a game )