1. J

    More in depth way to install mods

    I know everyone has a little bit of a different way to install these awesome mods, most of them at least, but as far as I've seen no one says which folder exactly. I've searched the forum and found not as much as I'd have hoped. Could someone please post or comment which folder I need to copy...
  2. OverBoostMPH

    Unity Assets Explorer v1.5 (Can't Find Anywhere)

    HI there, I've been looking for weeks but can't seem to find unity assets explorer (v1.5) I've tried to download from dropbox that everyone is posting but it's been saying for the pastweek "Download limit hit for today" Is there anyone who could post a link to Mediafire would be fantastic...
  3. StefanVW

    Initial D Van Texture 1.2

    HELLO,I AM BACK! And today I bring you another great texture made by me:Initial D Project D Van skin. HOW TO INSTALL: 1.Locate your My Summer Car folder.Inside it you will find mysummercar_Data folder.There are all the games' assets. 2.With open first...