asseto corsa competizione

  1. FLO_XD03

    SimHub Flag-Display 0.0.5

    A good one my fellows! Here you can see a digital flag display which i created for SimHub for the past few days! I tried to match the real SAS Driver Info Display by LUMIRANK as much as possible while also giving it a little touch of my likings. ;) I'm really open for some opinions of yours...
  2. PB4


    Hey ACClers, My first try to be honest. A fictional clean grey coloured camouflage MOTUL livery with red and carbon details. Hope u like it! More to come :)
  3. Raffe

    BMW M4 GT3 2022 Liveries Pack 1.65

    A pack containing some of the 2022 liveries of the BMW M4. It includes: ROWE Racing Junior (#50), Walkenhorst Catl DTM (#10), Walkenhorst Schaeffler DTM (#11) Schubert RoboMarkets DTM (#25) Schubert Helix DTM (#31) More versions to be included soon Hope you'll enjoy it! The liveries are self...
  4. ranzteezy

    BWT Aston Martin Vantage V8 Skin for ACC 1.0

    I am not associated with any of the sponsors/companies that I've placed into the design, this is just a fictional livery that I did for fun.
  5. C

    Fu*k Cancer AMG Evo 1.3

    Here is my latest livery (for season X of AOR Gt3) with the title sponsor Fu*k cancer. Please download and if you do, please donate to the charity directly. You can mention it was from my livery if you would like but any help that goes to this charity would...
  6. C

    Cancer Research UK - AXR - BMW M2 1

    Here is my custom team that was made for my entry into the Boonatix Mixed championship.
  7. Azure Goat

    'White Angel' Kamata Angelus McLaren 720S Skin - Ridge Racer V1.0

    Another Ridge Racer skin! I'm getting addicted to making these... This time, the White Angel - A.k.a. Kamata Angelus from the Ridge Racer series! Not exactly the easiest car to beat in the earlier games but still great to drive if you can unlock it - Or you could just drive this McLaren 720S...
  8. LeRenard242

    BMW M2 CS Racing - GOPLAY (no 44 aka PLAY4 & no 55 aka PLAY5) 1.0.0

    Telenet GOPLAY (Play4, Play5) themed BMW M2 CS race cars including the source PSD to edit to your liking. Watch the red car in anger: . Telenet GOPLAY NO44, PLAY4 Telenet GOPLAY NO55, PLAY5
  9. Azure Goat

    13th Racing 'Devil' Car - Ridge Racer v1.0

    Another Ridge Racer livery done... This one more simple - The 13th Racing, otherwise known as 'Devil Car', or I remember seeing someone refer to it as the 'Black Lamborghini' on an old gaming forum back in the day. Originally in the first Ridge Racer as that damn black car you couldn't beat in...
  10. ACC vs IRACING - Battle of the Porsches !

    ACC vs IRACING - Battle of the Porsches !

    This sim racing video features the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car 992 for both Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing to which sim has the best version in this new ...
  11. speedracer1893

    ACC Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Rolex 24H Daytona Skin Pack 2022-03-26

  12. Aeurias

    ACC Oculus VR: How to PROPERLY setup ACC and Quest 2

    Heyoo! I've made a guide over on r/ACCompetizione on how to get amazing native resolution look, crisp, super sharp detail, with excellent stable and smooth FPS on the Quest 2 in ACC. This is for those who don't already know about the 1:1 game to Quest 2 Oculus Link feed, the hidden FOV...
  13. lafansujie

    Bmw M4 Gt3 Schubert Motorsports Dtm 2022 Helix livery 1.1

    Recreation of one the the Dtm 2022 M4 liveries. If you liked it leave a 5 star review or a like. If you intrested in the rest of the liveries feel free to tell me.
  14. lafansujie

    Circle K milesPLUS Racing Team 2020 Porsche 911 Cup 1.1

    Recreation of the 2020 Circle K milesPLUS Racing Team Porsche 911 cup gen2 car. It was driven by: Julius Adomavičius, Jonas Gelžinis, Oskaras Brazaitis, Ralf Aron and won the 2020 Aurum 1006k km race.
  15. PhronemoS

    101Racing - Global Tablet Dashboard 0.1

    Tablet ACC Dashboard
  16. FelixR1991

    Porsche Mission R 1.0

    The Porsche Mission R (as seen here) is an electric concept car of what a future GT3 might look like. But what does it look like as a current GT3? Well, look no further! For your best viewing experience, please read my blog post: - Or, look at...
  17. Raffe

    BMW M4 Rothmans Replica 1.0

    A replica of the #10 Gr.A M3 Rothmans for the M4 GT3 Hope you'll enjoy it!
  18. lafansujie

    Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo #519 Team Japan 1.2

    This Huracan raced in the FIA Motorsport Games GT Cup in 2020. It was driven by Hiroshi Hamaguchi and Ukyo Sasahara. The car was prepared by Orange 1 Team FFF Racing. If you enjoy my skins make sure to give a 5 star rating.
  19. Daniele 74

    Hello from a slow old SimDriver!!!

    Hello from a slow old SimDriver!!! Hi, it's a while that I'm subscribed to Racedepartment, but today I also wanted to introduce myself on the forum, I use the sim for fun, the fast laps I leave them to others, otherwise it becomes too challenging. But I like to make my experience more and more...
  20. lafansujie

    Walkenhorst Motorsport-BMW M6 GT3-Nurburgring 24H PlayStation #101 1.1

    PlayStation BMW M6 #101 The car that won Nurburgring 24H qualifying race in 2019. BMW M6 GT3 can be seen the GT Sport. I should mention this is my first proper livery so keep in mind that. If you liked my skin make sure to give 5 star rating.