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art of rally

  1. bee1

    Team Golden Road - Esky V1 1.0

    During the early years of rallying, Team Golden Road was the David amongst the Goliaths. The uncle, father and son trio built a rally team from the ground up, no sponsors and no budget. Their single podium in the 1981 season made them legends in rally history.
  2. Decinoge

    [art of rally VS Wipeout][Complete Pack] 1.0

    Wipeout games franchise inspired liveries for every vehicle of art of rally. The Ultimate Liveries Pack. The archive contains 3 folders for different texture file sizes: 1024, 2048, 4096 (for the really close photos). Each texture size folder contains 1 folder per group, and 1 sub folder for...
  3. bee1

    Delta Rotary Club - Rotary 3 1

    Consisting of former members from the Wangan Racers under a new name, the Delta Rotary Club's Rotary 3 demolished the competition during the '79-'81 seasons. This perfectly tuned machine sychronized the dance between man and machine.

    art of rally galactic gazelle liveries bundle 1 2021-08-19

    hello, this is the first set of liveries for the retro game Galaga, I will be making some more in the future so stay tuned for bundle 2
  5. The Minecraft of Racing Games

    The Minecraft of Racing Games

    Art of Rally! Let's go!https://streamelements.com/ruskybusiness/tip PC Specs:Chassis - Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen Edition, Dark Side of the MoonMotherboard -...
  6. Pologuy

    Ridge Racer Type 4 liveries (Group B) 1.0

    I like RR Type 4 so much that I recreated the liveries on group b cars. Dig Racing Team: the cozzie sr71 Racing Club Micro Mouse Mappy: le 502 Pac Racing Club: the rotary b7 Racing Team Solvalou: il monster
  7. Art of Rally Coming to Console Next Week

    Art of Rally Coming to Console Next Week

    Indie hit Art of Rally is coming to Xbox and Switch consoles on August 12th, along with the new Kenya stages for both console and PC. Developer Funselektor announced Tuesday that their underground hit Art of Rally will be released to consoles on August 12th. So far only the Xbox and Switch...
  8. Pixel3K

    [Group B] - das hammer v1 Diva livery 1.0

    Team Diva was one of the first rally teams to use das hammer v1 in competitive rally stages. Even though the car used an innovative awd system, the team proved to be the least competitive one. Its lack of success was to such an extent that Team Diva opted not to compete in the final three...
  9. D

    La Regina Classic Blue 1.0

    A simple blue with racing strips livery for La Regina
  10. Pixel3K

    [Group A] - simple livery for the cozzie 90 1.0

    I decided to make a "simpler" livery this time, I think it came out okay!
  11. Pixel3K

    [Group S] - il gorilla e1 Scuderia Cartesio 1.0

    the Scuderia Cartesio was a rally team created after the withdrawal of a failing rally team, the La Rinascita Rally Team. It was founded by Corrado Cartesio, an Italian millionaire with the passion of rally, and Piero Scudi, an italian businessman. Even though the team didn't achieve glory (best...
  12. NovemberBees

    Sailor Mercury Car! Le Cinq 2021-06-10

    Hello! This is my first time creating a livery, so please don't judge too heavily! Just something fun and wacky! If ya have any thoughts or tips or anything, let me know!
  13. Pixel3K

    [Group A] The Fujin - Bertyre Bicolor Livery 1.1

    This Fujin's bizarre color scheme was made on purpose to celebrate the 3K Rally Team's 5th year anniversary.
  14. D

    The Fujin HexaSprung 1.0

    A lore friendly livery for The Fujin
  15. hoover2701

    THE PEBBLE v1 (Group 3) Rally Bohemia 1.0

    This is a semi-historic livery for the pebble v1 (Skoda RS 200). The colour-scheme is original but the sponsors and plates might not be. This livery was quite challenging as the stripes weren't too easy to place. I hope you like it! Have fun, drive safe and keep them liveries coming!
  16. bee1

    Rotary Racing Development - Rotary B7 1

    Rotary Racing Development was a hidden gem in the glory days of Group B. A mid tier team that only stood out because of its bright pink livery and failing laxative sponsor.
  17. bee1

    Dunder Mifflin Toyota Racing Team - The Original 1

    Dunder Mifflin was a powerhouse in the paper business in the late 1980's. Before his retirement, Robert Dunder decided to pursue his real passion, rally racing.
  18. hoover2701

    TURBO BRICK (Group 4) Jägermeister 1.0

    In the past days I have come to the conclusion that my favourite car in Group 4 has to be the turbo brick. So how can I show my love for it? Simple: Create a Jägermeister-livery for it! This one is pure fantasy (I even made up some swedish driver names). I hope that doesn't keep you from...
  19. M

    The Fujin (Group A) Inspired by McRae WRC Argentina Rally 1997 2021-05-06

    Inspired by the livery from the Subaru 555 McRae drove in '97 The original design kinda looked like bananas to me : P Thought Id make a fun recreation of the iconic design Banano is a feeless, instant, 'meme' crypto currency. Potassium's Atomic Number is 19, hence the 019 badges all over the...
  20. hoover2701

    THE PEBBLE v2 (Group 3) 1977 Rally Monte Carlo 1.0

    This was fun to make. Found great inspiration on the web for this classic czech car. The original car took part in the 1977 Rally Monte Carlo. Not many sponsors as things were in the good old days (you could actually see the livery). ;) Hope you like it! Have fun, drive safe and keep them...