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  1. M

    Can't get old mods

    This weekend my computer died on me so I had to buy another one. I really liked Arch's data replacement mods but unfortunately he deleted them all just as I was setting up Windows so I couldn't get them on my new computer. Does anyone have the files for any of the data replacement mods and would...
  2. Kyuubeey

    Cars Toyota AE86

    I guess it's about time for a thread. These are great little cars and it's a shame there's no accurate scratchmade visuals of the car in the forms I want to go together with my physics, so I'll just make it myself. This will probably be a long-term project I keep coming back to. I'm not...
  3. Kyuubeey

    Cars Datsun 240Z

    VERY EARLY WIP DATSUN Z CARS OF THE 240 VARIETY I was urged to make a thread, so here it is. I will use it to channel your energy to perhaps release this car before the heat death of the universe. I'm a beginner to 3D modeling and anything related to it, and I'm not working on this with the...