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  1. blehmann

    Misc Assetto Corsa Telemetry

    blehmann submitted a new resource: Assetto Corsa Telemetry - A desktop application for showing input traces and wheel slip data. Read more about this resource...
  2. blehmann

    Assetto Corsa Telemetry 1.5.2

    ACTelemetry A simple WPF app to give you telemetry from Assetto Corsa. Just press start when you want to start and it will create graphs like this: The performance impact is minimal, I have a pretty poor machine and I don't lose more than 10 FPS. The graphs are made with this library...
  3. EdL

    GT3 log files

    Hi guys, Is there somewhere I can find or request log files for fast/fastest laps so I can compare? For example I was 1.5s off the pace at Hockenheimring and would love a log of a ~1.37 around there.
  4. EdL

    Motec vs Z1 Analyzer

    Hi all, any experience of these two tools? Obviously Z1 is a paid option, but looks like it comes with more 'human' touches to the data interpretation. I've just bought RF2 after many years off sim racing and wanted to quickly tidy up any bad habits. And improve times, of course. :)