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ams2 skins

  1. 20210620221056_1


    AMS2 Lowenbrau Skin I made
  2. Bobby Pennington

    AMS2 Lowenbrau livery for BMW M1 ProCar 1.1

    Fictional Lowenbrau livery. INSTALLATION: Make Backups of your original files. Extract files to your AMS2 root folder. The typical path is below: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista 2 If you want to save this livery to different skin ID#, you can watch this video to...
  3. KRRTDustin

    Camo Red Bull RB11 Testing Livery for F-Reiza 1.0

    The Red Bull RB11 was famous for its testing livery. I've been working on this Livery for almost 4 weeks now. So for my first Design I wanted to bring you something very special. You will find 2 Versions of the Red Bull. The testing Livery as you know it and a Colored Version in the typical Red...
  4. Automobilista 2: New Content! 2001 Silverstone Layout & Ferrari Skin Mod

    Automobilista 2: New Content! 2001 Silverstone Layout & Ferrari Skin Mod

    Three lap quick race driving the Ferrari F138 around the New 2001 Silverstone layout. I attempt to channel my inner Schumacher. The Silverstone DLC for AMS 2...
  5. Erbinator

    Ferrari F138 for F-Reiza 1.0

    THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE F-REIZA PACK ALONG WITH OTHER 2011-2014 SKINS HERE: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f-reiza-pack-for-ams2.37990/ This contains 2 Ferrari F138 skins. Alonso and Massa. Livery was originally from the 2013 season but I adapted it. F-Reiza is loosely based on the...