AlphaTauri Civic Type-R from MMK Bippu 1.0

    Just a big fan of the AlphaTauri Logo and the Type-R so i had to create this livery
  2. R

    AlphaTauri Red/Black version 1.1

    Hello people, Hereby I present my Red/Black AlphaTauri Livery. Use Ego ERP to change 3 files or use the Copy/Paste map. Let me know if you like it and ask for questions, enjoy! Also join my discord server: Please donate so I can make much more content...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Formula One | The AlphaTauri AT02 Revealed

    Scuderia AlphaTauri have revealed their new AT02 Formula One car this morning, the machine that will power Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda in the 2021 Formula One World Championship. AT02 shows off revised colour scheme for the new season. Yuki Tsunoda to make F1 debut. Team targets improved...
  4. iancurtis

    Mitsubishi Lancer - AlphaTauri | Group A 1.0

    Livery for the Max Attack Installation - Copy the PNG-File into: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group a\the max attack\ All liveries were made from scratch by my own - no conversion or copy. I don't mind if you modify the livery for your own...
  5. Michemery

    Alpha Tauri with RED BULL CHASSIS (AT02, 2021 Alpha Tauri) Beta

    Welcome to the AT02, the 2021 Alpha Tauri. This mod replicates what Racing Point did in 2020 with their car, where they copied the 2019 Mercedes. In real life Christian Horner has said that Alpha Tauri may use the 2020 Red Bull, for 2021, so I made it a reality in the F1 game. This mod took a...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    BREAKING NEWS | Honda To Leave F1 After 2021 Season

    Honda have announced their exit from Formula One at the end of the 2021 season, leaving Red Bull and AlphaTauri without an engine supply heading into the new 2022 regulations era. Honda made a much hyped return to Grand Prix racing at the start of the 2015 season, however the initial excitement...
  7. SanokMaynik

    Alphatauri with Toro Rosso Colors 2020-09-10

    Me and a Friend were talking about F1 Liveries and someone brought up Alphatauri with Tororosso's Colors, so i made just that i also couldn't find how to change suits so for now they're just white.
  8. PUNKCM61

    AlphaTauri Driver's tags 1.2

    Hey guys, Here's an other mod if you want to keep your game as realistic as possible. Installation : Just replace the numbers of each drivers using Ego ERP Archiver. Hope you enjoy.
  9. Legalestrauma

    Fantasy AlphaTauri Helm by L.T.Marcel 1.0

    Video Wish Helmet No Flag, Name and Number
  10. E

    AlphaTauri liveries for formula renault 3.5 1

    Note: As for the last livery, pirelli tires not included, they're part of another I'm working on
  11. Xurda

    Lewis Hamilton AlphaTauri Helmet 1

    Install using EGO ERP Archiver
  12. edwdecastro

    Tatuus Alpha Tauri F1 | Concept livery For Assetto Corsa 1.0

    Install _____________________ unzip the "tatuus_alphatauri" folder on: steamapps > common > assettocorsa > content > car > tatuusfa1 > skin (unzip and place the folder, not only the content) Hope you like it! If you like, please make a donation! :cry...
  13. Niko_1599

    Niko's Realistic 2020 Database 1.3.1 (Final)

    Niko's Realistic 2020 Database 1.3.1 (Final) YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL SKYFALL F1 2020 SEASON MOD BEFORE INSTALLING THIS DATABASE MOD. Hey guys! Here I bring you the first version of this database after having some real life racing YEY! I'm sorry for taking so long, but covid, uni and...
  14. Aitze

    Daniil Kvyat 2020 Helmet 1.0

    Daniil Kvyat 2020 Helmet Details: Version 1.0: - Daniil Kvyat helmet_d file - Daniil Kvyat helmet_s file - Daniil Kvyat wing_d file - Daniil Kvyat wing_s file Possible future updates: - S. file changes - Minor d. file changes Important! - You are allowed to use this mod for videos or mods...
  15. Aitze

    Pierre Gasly 2020 Helmet 1.0

    Pierre Gasly 2020 Helmet Details: Version 1.0: - Pierre Gasly helmet_d file - Pierre Gasly helmet_s file - Pierre Gasly visor_attachment_d file Possible future updates: - S. file changes - Minor d. file changes - Visor color Important! - You are allowed to use this mod for videos or mods...
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | New Look AlphaTauri 2020 F1 Car Revealed

    The former Toro Rosso Grand Prix team have revealed their new 2020 challenger, pairing a dramatic new livery with their re-branding to AlphaTauri for the year ahead. Shedding Toro Rosso branding but retaining the driving strength of Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat, the new for 2020 Scuderia...
  17. ItzzAdr14n

    F1 2020 Season Mod 1.1

    Hello Everyone! Backstory: For the past few months I've been working on a this mod. At first it was only supposed to be a alternative livery mod for career mode, but it was taking too long so I decided to turn this into a 2020 mod. There are new liveries for each team, all on their existing...
  18. Lucas351

    Scuderia Alpha Tauri 1.0

    First of all, special thanks to Xavito King, because without him, this mod wouldn't have been possible to launch. :thumbsup: Welcome to a new mod! Now is SCUDERIA ALPHA TAURI time IMPORTANT: I have a laptop, so the quality of the skins on my game is very low. But in your games you will see it...
  19. Haze Racing Design

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 - Alpha Tauri Concept 2019-11-01

    #26 Kvyat Alpha Tauri concept in Gloss White, on the amazing Race Sim Studio FH19. Buy the car here - if you don't already have it! Pirelli Tyres thanks to @formulaHEINE You Do Not have permission to modify and reupload my work to other skins &/or sims. Enjoy!
  20. Aitze

    Scuderia AlphaTauri 2020 livery 1.0

    Scuderia AlphaTauri 2020 livery You can use this for your own mods as long as I get credited. If you have any problems, post them to support tab or message me at twitter, not to reviews, thank you. This livery is based on ilustratorres' concept design, go check his twitter and instagram.