alpha tauri mod

  1. T

    Alpha Tauri alternative livery + Racing suit 1.2

    Hello Mates! I designed an alternative livery for the Alpha Tauri team. It's perfect for the next few years of your career so you don't always see the same livery. The basic design is slightly lighter than the current one and is more reminiscent of the AT01. The most eye-catching element is...
  2. Eur3ka

    TommyWTF1's Alpha Tauri 2020 Concept Livery 2019-10-23

    I will be releasing a livery mod each day this week so keep your eyes peeled ;) - I am also open to livery requests again but please do not get abusive if I decline to do a certain livery as I'll only be making those that I also want to do. - Thanks all and happy modding! - TommyWTF1's Alpha...