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alms 2003

  1. Brandydo

    ALMS 2003 GT Porsche Pack v1.0

    Finally, the last release from the 2003 American Le Mans Series - the GT Porsches. 2003 was a transition year for the ALMS as the larger prototype fields contracted, however the GT ranks became more robust with nearly a dozen Porsches "regulars", leading to some of the largest fields of the...
  2. T

    ALMS/12h of Sebring 2003 - Alex Job Racing #23 and #24 1.0

    ALMS/12h of Sebring 2003 - Alex Job Racing #23 and #24 - my first skin upload on RD! Both in 4K. #23 #24 Some creative liberties taken due to certain logos/decals needing to be reproduced, but I will update accordingly if better resources are found. Credits: Big shout out to Brandydo for...
  3. Brandydo

    ALMS 2003 GTS "Field Fillers" Car Pack 2020-06-27

    Moving on to the GTS class for the 2003 season of ALMS. This release will consist more of "field fillers" than true class win challengers as the Prodrive Ferraris were previously done and no legit Corvette C5R exists. Included are three cars that rounded out the class (the Konrad Saleen - here...
  4. Brandydo

    ALMS 2003 JML Team Panoz 1.0

    Second release from the P900 class of ALMS 2003...and last until a time when someone models the R&S MKIIIC or Lola B2K/10. Not the most beautiful of liveries, but alas, available in all their 4K-ness for the VRC Pavey. The liveries changed a few times throughout the season but I think this is...
  5. Brandydo

    ALMS 2003 Audi R8 2+1 Car Pack 1.0

    Dusting off the paintbrushes for the first time in 17 years. Fitting then that the finished products are from the 2003 American Le Mans Series. Three skins for VRC's outstanding (and quite frankly award-worthy) Auriel 8 model. #1 Joest Audi Sport North American Audi R8 #38 Champion Audi R8...