alfa romeo sauber

  1. JPereira Design

    Alfa Romeo Fantasy Livery 2023 [Modular Mods] 1.0

    Next up on my 2023 Fantasy Grid is Alfa Romeo! While the original livery was amazing, I've thought to try something different to incorporate Alfa Romeo's logo on the engine cover while maintaining the original colour palette. The result is a classy but aggressive-looking livery! Mod...
  2. DeividSim02

    Alfa Romeo Sauber C43 2023 Concept livery 1.0

    This skin was made for the RSS FH22S cause i feel it sticks better to this chassi so enjoy my best but not at least work of art.
  3. IS IT BETTER THAN HOCKENHEIM | Alfa Romeo C38 | Autodromo di Siracusa | Antonio Giovinazzi Onboard

    IS IT BETTER THAN HOCKENHEIM | Alfa Romeo C38 | Autodromo di Siracusa | Antonio Giovinazzi Onboard

    [EN]A virtual lap onboard Antonio Giovinazzi first Formula 1 car: the Alfa Romeo Sauber C38 at the Autodrome of Syracuse, Sicily. The track is good for a Gra...
  4. Balwerk

    Ferrari F1 GT3 Pack 2020 1.0

    This is just like my old work in AC Mission Winnow and Rich Energy livery, but now with complete set. Will make this for AC soon. If you like my work you can support me by this link Preview:
  5. Eur3ka

    AndwernDesign Alfa Romeo Racing C39 Livery 1.0

    "Hi guys, I'm back modding liveries for F1 2019. I've finally been able to make this stunning Alfa Romeo livery on the same chassis after two years of trying on F1 2017 and F1 2018. It seems the UV's are easier to mod on this year. I will be releasing a livery mod each day this week so keep...
  6. DaddeRaga

    Alfa Romeo Sauber Fantasy Career Helmet 3.3

    Fantasy Alfa Romeo Sauber Career Helmet Now with customizable version! Don't ask anymore if you want custom text and number, because now there's a customizable version Number 6 GI/06 Number 12 GON12 Number 17 JK17 Number 21 PRA21 Number 22 AP22 Number 22 BS22 Number 23 EW23 Number 24 AD24...
  7. T

    Skin Alfa Romeo Sauber (Formula Hybrid 2017) 1.01

    I did the painting of the Alfa Romeo Sauber in the chassis of the Formula Hybrid 2017. Install: copy the folders to the directory where the game is installed, in my case it is here: C: \ Program Files \ steam \ steamapps \ Assetto Corsa \ content \ cars \ rss_formula_hybrid_2017 \ skins.
  8. KeisariKine

    Alfa Romeo Sauber C37 MOD 1.1

    This is a mod for Sauber's new livery that was unveiled today. It is not completely finished yet and I intend on making some tweaks but I wanted to release it before focusing on the Renault. I have included an EEA installation and a paste installation option, I strongly recommend the EEA...
  9. Eur3ka

    Skins Sauber Alfa Romeo 2018 FULL TEAM PACKAGE

    Eur3ka submitted a new resource: Sauber Alfa Romeo 2018 - The Scuderia's new 'B' team Read more about this resource...