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alfa romeo c39

  1. HeskeyBoy21

    DirtFish (c39 Chassis) MyTeam & Livery 1.00

    Required mod for MyTeam compatibility - Modular Mods Base Files are required to allow this mod to work on MyTeam mode. -> Modular Mods Link <- Thank you ParkYougLee! This is my first unique MyTeam mod that utilises Modular Mods by ParkYongLee to clone the Alfa Romeo chassis and use it for...
  2. Eur3ka

    AndwernDesign Alfa Romeo Racing C39 Livery 1.0

    "Hi guys, I'm back modding liveries for F1 2019. I've finally been able to make this stunning Alfa Romeo livery on the same chassis after two years of trying on F1 2017 and F1 2018. It seems the UV's are easier to mod on this year. I will be releasing a livery mod each day this week so keep...