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alfa romeo 33

  1. Pale_Blue_Dot

    Strange shifting behavior on the Alfa Romeo 33 stradale

    I've just gotten back into AC after some time away, I'm glad it's still going strong, I got the full version of Content Manager and things are great until now. I have a G29 without the shifter, so for manual transmission cars I use the clutch and paddle shifters. I was driving the 33 Stradale...
  2. W

    Swedish 60s police afla 33 Stradale 2019-07-02

    A skin made in the theme of a 60s Swedish police car.
  3. shadow118

    Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Monster Falken 1.01

    Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale with a Monster Falken livery
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    #Sexy - An Article About Nothing, Just to Show a Picture

    Everyone likes to look at sexy Italians doing their thing in Californian sunshine don't they? Ok I admit I've not really got anything to say about this particular picture. No news, no comment, nothing noteworthy that we don't already know about the upcoming free 'Bonus Pack 3' for Assetto...