alex palou

  1. PA8L0SKy

    IndyCar Talents Mod 1.0

    IndyCar Talents Mod By PA8L0SKY This mod makes it possible to hire the following drivers ingame: Alex Palou Patricio O'Ward Colton Herta Installation: Dowload .zip file from this website and extract it, read .txt file, then drag .pak file to your game folder...
  2. Lt_Spirit

    CGR #10 Be The One Chrome | RSS Formula Americas 2020 1.0

    Livery thats was used by the Chip Ganassi Racing #10 of Alex Palou during the GALLAGHER GRAND PRIX. ------INCLUDES SUITS AND HELMET, HELMET NEEDS ACSPRH------
  3. Lt_Spirit

    CGR #10 INDY500 2022 | RSS Formula Americas 2020 1.0

    Alex Palou's Livery for this 106th Indy500 Includes his special Indy500 Helmet Tyres made by: @Mahad ------------------¡Ojo! Cascos personalizados SOLO visibles con el mod ""ACSPRH...
  4. Lt_Spirit

    CGR #10 2022 | VRC Formula NA 2021 1.0

    Defending Champion Alex Palou Livery for the 2022 season NTT Data Indycar Series. Diseño del vigente campeon Alex Palou para la temporada 2022 de la NTT Indycar Series. Real Tyres made by @Johnr777
  5. Lt_Spirit

    Alex Palou 64# TCS Nakajima Racing 2019 | RSS Supreme 1.1

    This the livery that Alex Palou raced with in the 2019 Super Formula Season with TCS Nakajima Racing. For the moment only thing that is not done is his helmet from that year. I probably going to add it in a future...
  6. JSoria

    Alex Palou Indy 500 Helmet 2021 | ACSPRH Mod 2021-09-20

    Hi, I painted another helmet skin! This time Palou's for Indy 500. As the title says, the skin is made to use it with the ACSPRH mod made by Marco17_ok and following the templates of JVinu2000. I know it's a little bit late for this but it was on my sight since then. I hope you guys like it...
  7. Lt_Spirit

    Alex Palou Last 3 Races Helmet | ACSPRH Needed 1.1

    This is the helmet that last race winner Alex Palou will use for the last 3 races of the championship. Este es el casco que usara el ganador de la ultima carrera Alex Palou para las 3 ultimas carreras del campeonato. -------------------¡Ojo! Cascos personalizados SOLO visibles con el mod...
  8. B

    Alex Palou #10 NTT DATA Chip Ganassi Team (VRC Formula NA 2021) 1.1

    Here is the main livery of Alex Palou, with the legendary #10 Chip Ganassi car. He used this livery back in S. Peterburg GP (with slight changes and the SEGITV sponsor too) and he will use this again for Road America this weekend. Helmets and other assets are placeholders. I do not recommend...
  9. B

    Alex Palou #10 American Legion Chip Ganassi Team (VRC Formula NA 2021) 0.9.3

    Here is the skin of the current Indycar leader. For a better experience with this livery, I'd recommend you to download the ACSPRH Alex Palou helmet: made by @Lt_Spirit Also if you want the suit and...
  10. Stoner1992

    Alex Palou #10 NTT Data Chip Ganassi Racing (VRC Formula NA 2021) Indy 500 1.0

    It doesn't include helmet and overall (both are coming soon) I tried my best to have all the details well covered with all the sponsors. If you find any sponsor or anything missing please let me know.
  11. Lt_Spirit

    Alex Palou America Legion Livery | RSS Formula Americas 2020 1.0

    My second replica skin for a car, this is the livery that Alex Palou raced with this weekend on the Grand Prix of Indianapolis. This time i also included gloves and the NTT Data firesuit. Mi segunda pintura replica para un coche, esta es pintura con la que corrio Alex Palou en el Gran Premio...
  12. Lt_Spirit

    CGR #10 Segi TV A.Palou | VRC Formula NA 1999 1.0

    Hace unos dias, Chip Ganassi puso en su twitter un pequeño homenaje a la pelicula de Driven, que cumple 20 años, y algunos se dieron cuenta que el diseño del coche del personaje "Jimmy Bly" se parece al que llevo Alex Palou en la primera de esta temporada en Barber, asi que hice eso, trasladar...
  13. B

    SEGITV & NTT DATA #10 Alex Palou Chip Ganassi Team Livery (RSS Formula Americas 2020) 1.2

    NEW 2021 INDYCAR CHAMPION ALEX PALOU SEGITV & NTT DATA LIVERIES Helmet, gloves and driver suit are made by @Lt_Spirit LOOK HIS AWESOME RESOURCES FOR RSS CARS CLICKING HERE. THIS LIVERY INCLUDE AN ADD-ON MADE BY ME. BETA: This new halo support or aeroscreen duct (whatever is called) brings a new...
  14. Pedro Lemonnier-Lopes

    Formula A - Super Formula TCS Nakajima Racing - Alex Palou's Car 2019-11-14

    This is the livery of Super Formula TCS Nakajima Racing on their 2019 season with the Alex Palou's car. If you want some skin tell me :) Made by Pedro