1. Keselowski2

    1999 Toyota GT-One skin for Metalmoro AJR 1.0

    Toyota GT-One (TS020) skin for Metalmoro AJR (Reiza Pack needed)
  2. LeSunTzu

    Porsche GT America - Team Seattle - USCC 2014 2019-10-20

    Last skin for the GT America :)
  3. L

    NC Racing & JLM Racing Metalmoro AJR 2019-02-17

    NC Racing #65 driven by Jose Ribeiro & Nilson Ribeiro JLM Racing #117 driven by Emilion Padron, Fernando Fortes & Henrique Assuncao Both cars using Honda K20 Turbo engines, as seen on the 2018 season of Endurance Brasil. To install, simply unzip file into C:\Program Files...
  4. Ricardo Campos

    MetalMoro AJR - Painters and moders - Help!!!

    Pls, guys!!! Does anyone know how to create or add black wheels to the AJR? ;)
  5. cristianoid

    Metalmoro Cup 2018-05-15

    Visit the new content, with AJR, MR18, MCR and Boxer Cup: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/imperio-endurance-brasil-only-with-ams-original-content.31809/ Based on the versions of Óscar Melero, Metalmoro Cup puts Metalmoro MR18 and AJR side by side. These two distinct categories can...