ai line

  1. Kerem Yurtseven

    Idiotic AI problem

    Hey, I'm mostly lapping on Nurburgring Nordschleife and racing with the AI on the highest difficulty level, but the AI brakes meaninglessly in unlikely places and at unexpected moments, choosing to drive in a nonsensical line outside the racing line. Can you please make a new AI line for...
  2. parrilla

    Zwartkops Raceway faster AI 1.0

    FULL TRACK HERE. Faster AI for the Zwartkops Raceway by Prototype. The track is one of the best quality mods for AC right now, and really fun to drive and race on. Check it out if you haven't already. AI tested with MX5s, GT4, GT3, TCR, EuroNascar and various formula cars. AI fast line +...
  3. H

    Issue when creating new AI Lines

    When recording new AI lines for any track, my side lines (in red) become messed up and obviously causes the cars to crash on the start line as they think its the edge of the track. Not sure what's causing this or how to fix, I tried to record new track edges with the AI Line Helper but it...
  4. bart99p

    High Force replay cam + AI 0.6

    First of all here's the link to track mod: Replay cam created for Camtool 2 app - you have to use it for cameras to work (install Camtool 2 here: This mod works only with my AI...
  5. A

    2-way layout for Nagao 2021-10-05

    For those who like mountain pass roads there's Nagao. It is a well made track and I added the traffic lines on it. Install and use: get the track or search for another link, test it and verify it's working. Using of CSP is mandatory because of track encryption. Then drop the item from my 7z...
  6. JocelynTurmel

    AI lane for Oran Park Lidar 1.2

    AI lane for Oran Park Lidar GP, plus North Loop for slower cars.
  7. JocelynTurmel

    AI lane for Zürich E-Prix 1.00

    We're bringing back the Toyota Celebrity races, but in Switzerland.
  8. JocelynTurmel

    AI lanes for Road Atlanta 2021 (both layouts) 0.8

    AI lanes for Road Atlanta 2021 (both layouts).
  9. JocelynTurmel

    AI lane for Newcastle, NSW 1.00

    Visit New South Wales with or without traction control in the streets of Newcastle.
  10. JocelynTurmel

    AI lane for LuccaRing - Circuito dei Baluardi 1.00

    It's time to revisit LuccaRing, possibly the fastest street circuit in the virtual world.
  11. JocelynTurmel

    AI lanes for Circuit du Laquais 0.96

    Use the provided cones to learn the layout, then enjoy a track day under the stars or take your Audi TT RS for a sprint race on this beautiful French circuit. The pit exit is a bit dangerous to prevent the AI from braking on the racing line.
  12. JocelynTurmel

    AI lanes for Mountain Peak (Charlotte) 1.0

    AI lanes for the layouts Oval and Roval - No Chicane, fast racing even with with the Hyperion 2020 stock car. The AI cannot use the pit entry on the Oval, so they teleport back. There is something a bit broken with the track boundaries, it seems. Turn 1 at the Roval is a bit difficult for the...
  13. JocelynTurmel

    AI lanes for all payware APVS circuits 1.00

    These AI lanes replace most pit and fast lanes for all payware circuits and layouts of the South American APVS league. Finally you can enjoy these fun tracks with decent AI. Autódromo Ciudad de Paraná Autódromo Ciudad de Nueve de Julio Autódromo Juan Manuel Fangio Autódromo Base Aeronaval de...
  14. JocelynTurmel

    AI lane for Autopolis International (JAF) 1.00

    Smooth lines for Autopolis.
  15. JocelynTurmel

    AI lane for TED Subic International Raceway 0.95

    Smooth lines through chicanes and hairpin.
  16. F_B

    AI TT Circuit Assen (Motorsport config) 2021-03-25

    New AI line for TT Circuit Assen by NightEye87 (Motorsport config). Have fun! The track can be downloaded here. Tested with RSS Formula Hybrid 2020. Unzip and copy the specific track folder to your assettocorsa\content\tracks, it will automatically copy the new ai to the correct folder...
  17. F_B

    AI ACU Detroit 2021-03-21

    New AI line and boundaries for ACU Detroit. Have fun! The AI line might not be faster than the old one but I think it is less prone to crashes. Just try for yourself. Unzip and copy the specific track folders to your assettocorsa\content\tracks, it will automatically copy the new ai to the...
  18. F_B

    AI Laguna Seca Historic 2021-03-21

    New AI line and side lines for Laguna Seca Historic by Legion. Have fun! Some AI cars might have problems with the corkscrew. If so try editing the ai_hints file included. Tested with Pessio Porknose and the DRM Revival cars. Unzip and copy the specific track folders to your...
  19. LPF346

    AI Line For Silverstone International 1

    Hello there! I've noticed that the "International" layout has some "questionable" AI so I've decided to create a new one. I'm not guaranteeing perfectly smooth racing but from my testing there is noticeably less Turn 1 mess and a lot more close racing. This is a simple and...
  20. F_B

    AI Bahrain International Circuit (GP & Endurance config) 2021-03-16

    New AI lines and boundaries for Bahrain International Circuit (GP & Endurance config). Have fun! The track can be downloaded here Tested with RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 and Formula RSS 1990. Unzip and copy the specific track folders to your assettocorsa\content\tracks, it will automatically...