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ai braking

  1. H

    Tracks Need some help with AI hints

  2. Vinicius Preu

    Fastlane AI Le Grand Circuit 1967 2020-02-20

    New AI Fastlane, pits (no crossing) & boundaries *MAKE A BACKUP FIRST... Just copy into track folder and overwrite
  3. StrongestFish

    F1 2018 AI brakes later 1.0

    (english is not my native language) With this mod overtake AI not so easy. A lots of fun and good battles! Ai brakes later only in dry conditions. Wet braking not changed. Works only for modern cars. Included backup of original AI. For switch between mod and original do simpliest copypaste...
  4. Muzammelo

    Cars Brake Feels Underpowered

    Hello, last week i test my mod of Corvette Z06 C7, there is little issue, when i brake, the car not want to turn, even the steer is not locked, and even with abs on. The worst part is when AI steer the cars, ai can't turn, AI just brake and turn a little bit, then AI still braking and crashing...