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ae86 tuned

  1. TheCrush010

    AE86 Team Bay Lagoon Racing 0.1

    Squaresoft released a Racing/RPG in 99' focusing on Yokohama street racers, called "Racing Lagoon". Halfway between "Initial D" and "Wangan Midnight", it never left japan due to poor sales. These skins for the AE86s are based on Sho Akasaki's ride, the game protagonist. These aren't good good...
  2. J

    Stradman Ae86 1

    Stradman livery concept for the Toyota Ae86 tuned edition.
  3. Andy-R

    x6 Toyota AE86 Tuned Skins 2018-02-03

    A selection of skins for the AE86 Tuned. Taken from drift cars, race cars and random images I found on the internet. Installation: Extract to your AC main folder. Suggestion: Best raced with the BMW E30 M3 S1. I recommend 50-60% restrictor on the Toyota. Previews: