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  1. Pasta2000

    ACL Porsche 906 - Sebring 12h 1966 #49 (4k) 1.0

    Hello, happy holidays peoples Sorry for the lack of skin works recently, my youtube channel has hit 10.000 subscribers last weekend so I was more focused on that. This is the Porsche 906 from ACL pack 60s (I think) and is supposed to represent the #49 car at the 1966 Sebring 12 hour race. Vague...
  2. Pasta2000

    ACL Cobra Daytona Coupe - Fuji Speed Festival 1967 #200 (4K) 1.0

    Konichiwa homies I bring you: Tadashi Sakai and his one of 6 Cobra Daytona's which he actively used in Japan in 1966/1967. He drove this one at the 1967 Fuji Speed Festival, finishing 2nd overall behind Shintaro Taki's Porsche 906. 4 likes and I will create that 906 as well. :) >4k skin...
  3. Pasta2000

    ACL Porsche 906 - Sebring 12h 1967 #44 (4K) 1.0

    Fred Baker's Porsche 906 as it raced in the 1967 Sebring 12h race. They broke down, maybe you shouldn't end up like them. I'd like to do more Sebring 12h 1967 skins in the future. >4k skin >custom decals >blue (fast) >custom json
  4. Pasta2000

    ACL Ford MK IV - Sebring 12h 1967 #1 (4K) 1.0

    This is the MK IV that won the 1967 Sebring 12h with ease, after which it was sent to Le Mans for testing and then permanently retired and displayed in various museums all over the US. >4k skin >banana color >it won Sebring, so can you >custom json file
  5. Pasta2000

    ACL Cobra Daytona - Nürburgring 1000km 1965 1.0

    Quite simple, but one of those classic Nürburgring liveries! I believe this car won its class at that year's 1000km race. Enjoy!
  6. Pasta2000

    Japan Grand Prix 1967 - ACL Porsche 906 skins x2 1.0

    Since Tetsu Ikuzawa's #8 Porsche skin was already included, I felt that the other two should have some recognition. #6 was driven by Shintaro Taki, driving the same 906 as last year. He would finish 5th this year! #7 was driven by Tadashi Sakai who had one massive crash coming off the 30 degree...
  7. kevink63

    Side Lines and Pit Lane for Mount Panorama 60's v1.0

    Just a little help with sidelines to help keep the cars on the track a little better. Created a new pit lane. I think I found a small invisible object at apex of last turn, so I steered the cars a little wide of it there with the side line. Tested with GPL 1967, and various other GPL/TCL mods...
  8. GT3RSAss

    ACL Porsche 906 Skin pack 1.0

    Here is a skin pack for the magnificent ACL Porsche 906 Carrera 6 ! At the moment there are 4 skins based on real cars but more are coming. Three of them are 906 present at the 2020 Tour Auto as you can see on the following images found on instagram. The blue one is the one and only Porsche...
  9. L

    AC Legends Trans AM loading issue

    I just downloaded ACL Trans Am mod, but it does not load the game. Both in race and practice mode. Any way to correct this problem?